Breaking Through Into New Places

God wants us to be breaking through into new places as He is always calling us to come up higher. All that is required is for us to say “Yes.” It is His grace and Spirit that will help us to do all that pleases Him.

God does not require us to know all the details of how to do things but looks for simple obedience. When we say yes to Him then He will speak more details to us. He shows us what to do as we give Him the “OK”.

Tuning In to His Channel

At this point all He requires from us, as always, is to follow the directions. But what does it take for us to get on His frequency? There has to be a hunger and desire for more of Him, His will and His desires for our lives. This is the starting point. If this is not there then we can’t even begin to follow God. Are we finding our contentment IN HIM or are we just content with nothing. If we find our contentment in Him we will seek Him MORE because that is where our satisfaction is found.

In the place of seeking God He, in His goodness, gives us more – more understanding, more revelation, more direction and more of His Presence. How do we seek God? Paul understood this as he tells us to set our minds on things above, not the things of the earth. God wants us to be heavenly minded so we can be earthly good. All good is sourced from heaven.

Make It Personal

As we press in for more of His glory it begins with our own lives. If we want revival in the world, our nation, our region, our city or our church it first begins with more of His glory in us personally. It is superficial to say we want more of God when it is not accompanied with sacrifice. There is a price to pay for breakthrough if we are not willing to take the first steps.

We need to get on God’s frequency. Jesus told us that His sheep hear His voice but being in tune was a given. His sheep will be in tune to His voice. We cannot live in compromise to the spirit of the world and expect to hear the voice of God. Why? That is being in tune with a different kingdom, a different sound and a different voice.

Sensitize Your Heart

As believers in Jesus we need to learn how to sensitize our hearts to His Spirit. There is a seduction that comes from the spirit of the world to stuff your spiritual ears with junk so that you no longer discern the voice of God. There is compromise that comes when you submit to a religious spirit rather than the Holy Spirit that causes you to no longer function in the Kingdom of God but rather become a puppet in a form of godliness that has no power.

This is why we need to practice, not just what some call the Presence of God, but the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Why the Holy Spirit? Because now much of what is called the Presence of God is something that has been watered down to a religious musical experience with a great performance. We need to practice the glory of God, the reality of God’s Presence discovered and experienced in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The Practical Steps

What are some practical steps we can take to move into this reality of the Holy Spirit that has been bought and paid for through the most costly sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

REALIZE your spiritual condition. Be honest with yourself. What are you compromising to? Do you call sin what it is or just justify it? Do you realize God’s Word is the absolute standard to live by or are you just living by your own opinions?

REPENT of a lifestyle of sin and compromise. We are to call sin what it is. Jesus died for our SINS that we might be free from sin. You don’t get grace to live in sin but grace to be free from it.

CHOOSE to follow Jesus and obey His voice. Say YES to Jesus without compromise. Follow His directions for your life. Live by His truth as the Bible is your standard for living. Accept nothing else. As you fill your heart with the Word of God, scripture, then you will be learning to tune your heart to His voice. When He speaks personally to you, obey His voice.

WELCOME the Holy Spirit into your life. Jesus told us that He would send the HELPER – the Holy Spirit. He is not an option but we are commanded to live by the Spirit. The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God (The Holy Spirit).

MAKE AN EFFORT to change your current lifestyle. Be practical in your choices. You want to do things that will make your relationship with God living and experiential!

A. Seek God through fasting, prayer and study of God’s Word.
B. Make the words of God your choice meditation every day.
C. Replace old sin habits with new holy habits. You have to change the cycle of sin patterns. You may have to find new friends if the ones you have lead you in the wrong direction. But you have to be the leader as you as you follow Jesus. You lead others as you follow Him.

UNDERSTAND you represent Jesus and His Kingdom not a religious institution. Find a church family that is about advancing His Kingdom. Surround yourself with believers who are pursuit of God.

LEARN TO ENJOY GOD. God is the creator of fun, adventure and discovery. He is eternal so He never runs out of adventures! God desires you to find your JOY in Him. When you learn to enjoy the Lord His goodness flows like a river into your life.

God wants you to break into a new place, a higher place. The good news is that there is no limit to how high you can go! If you sense you need breakthrough set your heart His direction in a fresh new way. Set your course for adventure in the Lord as He want to use you in ways that you cannot even imagine!

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