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What Is A Christian Prophetic Calling?

A Christian prophetic calling is common to all believers in Jesus Christ. This does not mean everyone is a “prophet”, but that everyone in Christ is called to a prophetic life.

A prophet is someone who receives messages from God through the Holy Spirit, including divine knowledge that serves others. The messages received are called revelations. A prophet must publicly reveal their revelation so that others can benefit from the prophecy. The messages that prophets deliver to others often result in significant changes being made. Prophets may be called by God to preach to others or to warn others against disobeying God’s word. Prophets are sometimes referred to as seers because they are able to accurately predict future events.

Many Christian churches use the term calling? when referring to someone’s desire to do God’s will. To receive a calling could mean that someone has been given the Godly desire to become a preacher, perform missionary work or to devote their life to helping others in need. These individuals have the desire to serve God and feel as though they are being pulled in a certain spiritual direction. Although many people receive divine guidance, they are not prophets. A person who follows their desire to serve God can have a large impact on other people’s lives. Prophets are an even greater force in the world, often influencing human history.

Discern the True From the False

If there is a false, we must remember there is always a true. Satan can only counterfeit and not originate anything. There are people who claim that they have received prophetic messages and want to share them with others for the purpose of receiving recognition and fortune. These people are known as false prophets. The bible warns against people who try to deceive others in this way. There have been many self-proclaimed prophets throughout the years, and many of them have successfully persuaded others to trust them. Their devoted followers believe that they are genuine and follow their advice, and may decide to give them money or gifts. Over the years there have been several famous Christian preachers who claimed to be spreading God’s message in order to receive fame and fortune. There have also been a series of false predictions made over the years by Christians that were considered to be prophets. People should realize that true prophets are usually modest and accurate in their predictions, so they do not follow deceptive individuals.

Signs of a Prophetic Calling

A person that receives the calling as a prophet may not readily accept their vocation. There will be signs that reveal the calling that can be seen by the chosen individual and others, but it may take time for a person to accept their role as a prophet. Chosen individuals will have the burning desire to minister to the Body of Christ. They will want to help others find their godly path, warn them of specific dangers and encourage them in their lives. Someone will feel pulled in a certain direction, and will want to serve others and devote himself or herself to spiritual work. This desire to serve God strengthens over time unlike personal desires that tend to diminish over the years.

Those who are called to be prophets are often challenged by others who accuse them of being unreasonable or even fanatical. Since prophecies offer new information to others, people may question the messenger’s reasoning and may even try to stop the person from following their calling. It is common for those who have been called by God to have others challenge their thoughts, desires and actions. Overcoming great adversity has been a common challenge among prophets throughout history. Many prophets have difficult lives and have faced multiple challenges before they receive their calling. A life filled with adversity prepares prophets for their challenging spiritual role.

Humble Devotion

Many who have been called upon by God feel unworthy to accomplish the spiritual task. Humble dependence on the Holy Spirit is requisite to fulfill any call that God puts on an individual’s life. Someone who receives a divine calling cannot be driven by the ego but must give himself completely to God and others. Those who receive a prophetic calling must give their life wholly to God in order to live out their divine role as a prophet.

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