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What Is Christian Prophetic Fire?

Christian prophetic fire is the burning fire that is in every believer to share the truth of the gospel with the rest of the world. This anointing of holy fire gives Christian hearts the desire to go out into the world to spread the testimony of Jesus Christ. This yearning to allow God to ignite the hearts of millions of unbelievers around the world burns inside every Christian. However, the fire is a gift that is not given to everyone. According to the New Testament, some are chosen to be prophets; some are chosen to be healers, while others are chosen for other ministries.

Prophetic Christians

Prophetic Christians are the people anointed with the holy fire. They are given the ability to hear four different voices: that of the spirit, the Holy Spirit, and those of angels and demons. The spirit differs from the Holy Spirit in that the former is the person’s own, which receives the voices and yet is given a voice of its own. According to the New Testament, prophesies were a result of received messages coming from the Holy Spirit and interpreted by the spirit. The company of prophets is the group of Christians who have heard God’s voice, believe in the Bible and walk in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They are part of the five-fold hand of God that includes the company of pastors and the company of evangelists, all tasked with spreading the message of God throughout the world.

How to Judge Prophetic Fire

There are ways laid out in the Bible that teach believers how to discern between real prophesies and those that spread misleading and false messages. The New Testament tells Christian to avoid treating prophetic messages with contempt. However, they should listen with discernment and learn to test prophesies. The ability to discern the good prophesies from the bad is important for new Christians. Factors which can be used to judge prophesies include the level of conviction it brings to the listener, scriptural basis, the opinion of trusted prophets, and whether or not it speaks for the encouragement and strengthening of the spirits of men.

False Prophets of Fire

The Bible warns Christians about false messengers. They can come in sheep’s clothing, but they are wolves, ready to devour fallen prey. In the present time, this can be seen in impostors who sow discord among congregations and promote teachings that do not coincide with the teachings found in the Bible. False messengers can be recognized by their fruits. The true prophets bring good fruit. To discern false prophets one needs to look at the role that Jesus Christ plays in the doctrines they present. False messengers lead religious movements that deny the incarnation and divine nature of Jesus Christ. Another indication is that the movement led by false evangelists focuses on fear rather than on salvation. The messages they spread do not promote a healthy fear of the Lord but rather the fear of future circumstances. The Bible also tells Christians not to forsake the practice of gathering and worshiping together, since this is one way to protect themselves from the dangers of believing in false messages and teachings.

Prophetic Holy Fire and the Supernatural

Most Christians believe that the ability to predict and to perform supernatural acts is part of having the gift of holy fire. However, this is not the case. True and anointed messengers point the listener to Jesus and not to random future events and happenings.

Prophetic fire is the gift of spreading the message of the Bible to the whole world. In this time of harvest, Christians are urged to spread this gospel in preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, not all are given the gift of prophetic fire. Some are called for other purposes, but all gifts have important roles in ministry. With the nearing of the second coming, false prophets are also coming out of the woodwork. They are messengers who spread false interpretations of the gospel under the guise of being blessed with the gift of prophetic fire. Prayer, fellowship with other Christians, and a strengthened personal relationship with the Savior prevents Christians from falling prey to the false messages of these prophets.

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