Come Up Higher

As we journey on in the path laid out before us by God there can be a tendency to get comfortable and be content at a certain level that we have attained in the Lord. But God wants us to continue into a deeper, more intimate and more experiential place in Him. There is so much that He has for us and so much that we have not experienced of the realities of His Kingdom that there must continually be a fire and passion to pursue more that He has for every believer and our live personally.

Godliness with contentment is great gain. But that contentment has to do with the things of this world, not with the things of God. We are to eagerly desire spiritual gifts, pray continually and believe for the impossible to be made possible. We are content with Him in our lives, but at the same time pressing in for that which we have not experienced in Him. For this to occur we must REALIZE that there is MUCH that we have not yet experienced. The wonderful thing is that God never runs out of experiential encounters for our lives!

There must be something in us that reaches out for the unseen realm to come into being in our lives. Faith is the key that opens the door to God’s Kingdom reality. We are not to live by the shadow or the shell, but the substance of the shadow that is cast from the power of God’s Spirit. The Book of Hebrews speaks of Jesus being the substance and the better of what was just a shadow and pictures of Him through the Old Covenant. Now, through Jesus, we have been given that substance through the deposit of the Spirit in our hearts. Jesus walked in the realities of the Kingdom of God. He released the Kingdom wherever He went. It is our mandate to do the same, just as He did. The scripture says that He manifested His glory. So when a released of the power of God’s Spirit occurred this was God?s Kingdom being released to break the chains of oppression of the devil’s dark kingdom.

We now have this treasure in earthen vessels the surpassing glory of God. It is this glory that transforms others and us. It is a tangible substance. We don’t experience the Kingdom of God by obeying a list of do’s and don’ts. We fulfill the law by being filled with the Spirit. Yielding to Him to come and dwell in us. As we are filled, we can become conduits to see other filled and if others are filled then the earth can be filled with the glory of His Presence . . . Let’s move up into another place of His glory, a higher plane of experiential revelation as we move from the current plateau that we are on.

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