Creating Heaven’s Atmosphere

We live in a world where you can discover lots of different kinds of “atmospheres” – some you might not want to find. God has His atmosphere and it is the BEST!

How do we create “heavens atmosphere”? 

There are different things that help us to carry the atmosphere of heaven. I don’t think there’s anything that makes a bigger difference than just to have the glory of God in our lives, upon our lives, where people can experience and experience the Lord. We want people to experience Him.

In a nutshell, carrying heaven’s reality comes by just having a life that yielded to Jesus. It’s not about words. It’s not a “to do” list. However, there are some tips – things you can do. Let the Lord lead you and guide you in your devotion and your times with him. 

He wants your relationship it to be living and alive rather than mechanical. There is no one certain way to do things. If we get caught up in the mechanics of discipline and devotion, we can lose the joy of the experience that’s supposed to be there. At this point we can also become hard on ourselves, then hard on others. That is how “religion” starts. 

I will sometimes have a plan and set my schedule, but I don’t make it every time. There are some people who are perfect with their schedules. If that’s you – that’s special! It’s just not me. I don’t hit it every time. I have a plan. I try to make plans happen. Scripture says that a wise man makes plans. We do want to plan some things.  We don’t want to “not” plan.  If you don’t plan at all, you’re likely planning to fail. It’s good to have some plans. 

At the same time, you can’t let those plans become a box because a box is very constricting. We want to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. We do want to be led by the Spirit and we can still have both. We can have plans and be led by the Spirit. 

Here are a few plans you can implement that are general in nature:

  1. Plant the Seed of God’s Word.  Make it a priority. Not too long ago I was given a dream where the Lord emphasized “sowing the Word” into our hearts. Look at the Word of God as “seed” because that is what Jesus called it. 
  2. Sow to the Spirit through vocalizing your worship to God and others! The Word of God is one way we do that and another way is through our vocalizing “worship”. Now I do agree that worship is more than words, but I also know that Paul told us to sing to one another in “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” to be filled with the Spirit. 
  3. Use instrumental worship as background for spontaneous prayer and worship. We see the power of simple anointed instrumental music through the life of David. As he was playing the harp demons fled from Saul. Just an anointed sound can change the atmosphere. Do this! It will help carry you into the Presence creating a backdrop for study and prayer. 

These are very basic keys that will help you experince God’s Presence regularly. When we practice these things we grow in our relationship with God.  Enjoy His Presence Always!

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