Peace Like A River

Have you ever found yourself in need of God’s peace? Everyone of us has a need for His peace. Where God’s peace is there is no anxiousness but just a tranquil rest in His Presence. Peace is very central to living our lives in faith. If we don’t have it then everything else totters in our lives. It is His peace that is so substantial, keeping us in a place of calm with a perfectly yielded heart before Him.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). We know that when He truly has Lordship in our lives His peace is going to be the predominant characteristic. Recall the time where Jesus is laying down sleeping in the boat with His disciples (Mark 4:37-41). A storm came shaking things up all around the boat but He remained unaffected by it because of the realm of peace upon His life. The disciples, every one, were disturbed being anxious because of the tempest that surrounded them. Jesus is awakened by them as they said, Don’t you care that we are perishing!. Jesus rebukes the storm saying, Peace be still! Jesus looks for the brand of faith in us that will not yield to the noise that surrounds us but rather stands in quiet peace in the midst of all the ruckus.

There are some things that are false values that people incorporate into their lives that produce anxiousness, robbing them of the peace that Jesus gives. When we allow these lies to penetrate our minds we forfeit that tranquil river of rest. To value something that should not be valued, exist or important to one’s life creates a vacuum and empty space that cannot be fulfilled. This by nature creates confusion and chaos. False values are merely a mirage and fantasy that throw one off balance. If you were to say, oh I have to be like this person or to really be successful I must have this or look like this, then you have created a false standard that should not exist at all. There is no chance that this can be fulfilled, nor should it be. It is simply a vain imagination that needs to be discarded. But many times these are the kinds of things that rob people of their peace and joy.

If we can first and foremost find our contentment in His Presence, in knowing Him more than anything else, then we will see that our lives will be caught up in the flow of His greatness and love for us (Isaiah 48:18). It is by His peace that we know the path that He has set before us. When we ask the Lord to rule our hearts, for His kingdom and will to be done in our lives the very first manifestation of His Kingdom is the peace of the King. Remember when you gave your heart to God From my own experience I recall the greatest love and peace flooding my soul. That is the experience many need to rediscover, finding again their first love for the Lord. Hit the refresh button today allowing God to give you a renewal of your heart in His peace.

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