Enjoying the Peaceable Fruit of Righteousness

John Belt
John Belt

We have been made the righteousness of God in Christ.? As we agree with His righteousness in our lives it becomes a river of life that flows through us.? His righteousness makes us right in God’s eyes.? His righteousness flowing through us brings us into His realm of His peace, joy and liberty in this life.
The Peaceable Fruit of Righteousness
Romans 4:5-6
But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness, just as David also describes the blessedness of the man to whom God imputes righteousness apart from works:
As believers in Jesus Christ we have been graced with His righteousness.? Apart from Him we have no righteousness at all.? He is the Gate to heaven’s courts.? It is through Him that we are able to approach the Throne of God.? The blood of Christ is sufficient to bring us into His courts again and again.? Our righteousness is as filthy rags and will not even begin to bring us even close to the entryway of the courts of God.
Isaiah 32:17
The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.
Although Christ has made the way for us there does remain an effect of righteous living that we can only experience to the degree that we align ourselves with His thoughts.? His righteousness must have it’s work in sanctification for us to experience the peaceable fruit that is promised to us in scripture.? To the degree that we yield to His ways as revealed in His holiness to the same degree we will live as habitation of God experiencing a greater fullness of His life in this earthly life.
Aligning Our Hearts with Righteousness
John 3:10
In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother.
The spirit of the world is everywhere and accessible to the eyes and ears of us all.? Idolatry runs rampant in our society and is disguised many times innocently to dull the senses causing believers to lose their spiritual sharpness.? Discernment is needed in these days as compromise has been redefined in many circles.? What was compromise 50 years ago now is acceptable to many.? The standards have been dumbed down in the minds of many.? God’s standard is always here and is available to us as a guard for our hearts.? His word is grace, protection and wisdom for our times as illuminated by His Spirit.
It is necessary for us to break ties with the idolatrous patterns of our society that we may see more clearly, hear more clearly and walk in the peace of Christ, making a difference.? Jesus told us that His peace was different than the peace that world gives.? That means that His peace is superior, not temporal but eternal and effective in our hearts making us pliable for God use.? The work of righteousness is peace and quietness.? When our hearts come into alignment with the righteousness of God we reap the fruit of rest, peace and a quiet experience in the inner sanctum of our hearts. Voices come from many directions to steal away “righteousness” manifested by the Spirit of God.? Counterfeit peace is substituted in place of the true peace that only God can give, a peace that is never ending.? The idols of this age are aiming to lure the people of God away from the inheritance that obtained through simplicity of devotion to Christ.? If we have trouble seeing what the idols of this age are then most likely we have been seduced in measure to some of these things.? In return our spiritual power is diminished leaving us wondering where the peace of God has gone from our lives.
The Substance of His Peace
The peace of God is substance and notable.? The Lord has blessed us with the tangible realities of His Kingdom; they are part of our inheritance that we can experience at all times.? No matter what is going on around His manifested Presence is always there for us.? The best the enemy can do is distract us off the path causing us to lose sight of what was once so clear.? The beauty is the simple cure.?? We are able to simply repent of coming into alignment with lies, agreements that are unrighteous – thoughts that do not reflect the heart of God.? It is here that we are able to receive cleansing from all “unrighteousness” and experience the peaceful fruit that comes with the territory of the Kingdom of God.? The Kingdom of God is first of all “righteousness”, then peace and joy follows.
Psalms 23:2
He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.
Our addiction to noise must be broken.? There must be a revival of loving the quiet place with God.? We should be addicted to “quiet”.? God promises us quiet resting places.? Deep within us is where the Lord longs to take residence.? With so much noise coming from every direction in our society, we need to be the people who know God in the place of “stillness”.? It is in this place that He establishes His glory within us and find the place of release through us.

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  1. Thank you, John. The Father lead me here today as I was wrestling with past decisions to remind me to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. I now understand, with that comes the peace as I spend time quietly in the secret place.

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