John & Brandi Belt
John & Brandi Belt

Join John and Brandi Belt to be encouraged to faithfully follow Jesus. Special musical guest – Malachi Belt 🙂

The Transcription

Friends, it’s John and Brandi Belt, we are so blessed to just get to spend a little bit of time with you tonight. Didn’t you love worship with Malachi he was doing a great job on the Jim Bay. But anyway, tonight we want to talk to you just a little bit about the importance of being faithful with what God has called you to do. You know, a great parable is in Matthew 25, where it’s the parable of the talents. And it talks about the Kingdom of God is like a servant, or I’m sorry, the kingdom of God is like a Master who goes to a faraway country, and he has three servants. And when he gives five talents, when he gives two talents, and when he gives one talent, and you know, instead of all of those servants floundering or all of those servants flourishing, everyone kind of had a different scenario, you have the story of the one with five who went and traded and doubled your the story of the two who went and traded and doubled. And then you have the one. And he didn’t know his master. And so he buried the talent out of fear.

Yeah, it’s so important for us to realize that God gives us all a portion. And I think it’s interesting that the man with one talent, he probably thought, well, this is so insignificant, I’m not gonna do anything with it. So insignificant. And how many of you are how many people out there think what they have is so insignificant, but God says, it is significant. Yeah. And that you need to do something with it. He is very upset with that man that buried his talent. And he said, let him be thrown out, where there’s weeping and gnashing of teeth. And so we need to take it very seriously. Yeah, a God wants us to be faithful with whatever he’s given us, you know. And so what you have is not insignificant. The important thing is that you’re faithful with it. Use that now you see the other two guys, one got 10, one got five, I think. And they were able to multiply it in, you know, basically, the master said, you could have at least stuck it in the bank, where it could gain some interest, but fear, and not having a proper perspective of who God is not knowing his nature, not knowing that he’s a loving Father, that he’s rather a hard taskmaster. If you have that perspective of God, that he has a gavel, and he’s just looking forward to whacking you over the head with it, then you have the perspective. You don’t need to be fearing God in that way. It’s not that kind of a thing. It’s a love relationship that he has with you, and He loves you. And He wants you to know him as a loving father. And that was one of the things that offended the Pharisees so much about Jesus is that Jesus would refer to him as his father. It was the most offensive thing to the Pharisees that he would call God his Father, but that’s what it was about is about he was the son. He was part of the family and you need to understand your part of the family too, and not to have a slave mentality, but know who you are in him at you. You’re part of his family. And that’s where you find your true identity. And when you do, yes, cover changes, everything changes. And all of a sudden, oh, wow, God gave me this small town, this one thing, but it will multiply, because I know that he’s faithful, and he’s going to do something with it. Yeah. And

I think so often in the charismatic prophetic stream, so many of us receive prophetic words and promises that we get excited about and maybe have goosebumps on and maybe even, you know, share it with some friends or a pastor or leader. But I think a lot of us we take those things, and we’re never faithful to put action to what God has promised. You know, John and I have had a promise for a while of doing videos and and we actually have a what’s a television show called outpouring lined up and different things. And obviously, the Coronavirus has put some delay on but the reality is that we, in all reality are not media people, despite how savvy I’m sure these videos look. But we’re saying all of that, because we’ve done our best to just be faithful. And as we’ve done it, God has opened more doors and more doors and more opportunity. But it’s so many of us. You know, one of the things I tell people often is, if you got a prophetic word that you’re gonna get a book published. And the same prophetic word didn’t say the manuscript was going to be in the mailbox, you have to actually write the book before it gets published.

Yeah. And you have to ask yourself, what is that step of faith? For the promise that God has given me? It’s not enough to have a dream. Okay, dreams are great. But what are you doing to activate it? What are you doing to step out and activate what God has put in your heart? What are you doing? What’s that step that you need to take to say, Laura, this is my step of faith. That’s going to then start the process where God responds, and then all of a sudden, your promises begin to manifest?

Definitely. And you know, sometimes I think, like going back to what John was sharing with the talents, we think what we have is so small and significant, how could it matter? You know, I’m reminded fairly recently, I had a dream. And in the dream, a young woman I know, who oversees more of a missions, Mercy ministry, internationally, was in my dream, and God was telling me she was good soil. And he showed us in the dream that we were going to give her a $10,000. And the reality is today, our ministry does not have $10,000 to give her we’ve already got missions, and we’re getting there. But we’ve got other things that our money is already going toward. And so it wasn’t like we could just all of a sudden give the sum to her. Anyway, what I did is I said, You know what, God, I believe in this. And so John and I, the next morning, we sewed $100 into her, saying, God, we’re believing for 100 fold multiplication on that, not only for us, but for her God that this is our step of faith and get more and so we can give more. And so as we’ve done that, then honestly, we gave it and I think within an hour or something, someone gave us a generous donation. And so anyway, I’m sharing all of that, because a lot of times I think we think, Wait a minute, God, I don’t have $10,000 to her right now. But the reality is, I had $100, I could easily give her at a moment’s notice. And on, you know, and if I’m being really honest, I could have probably come up with more money to give her but I wasn’t trying to make the prophetic word happen and make it work. I was just trying to put faith to what God had told me to do.

Yeah, and every one of us are given seeds to sell. And it’s more than just money. It’s time. It’s lots of different now we do want to sell money. But there’s lots of different things that we can sell time. We can, we can sell compassion, so thoughtfulness, just thinking about others and doing something thoughtful. There’s so many different ways we can serve. Definitely no, it is all about serving really when it gets down to it. And Jesus said, The servant shall be the greatest of all. So everything that he’s given to you can use to serve and serve in the kingdom of God.

And we’re living in an amazing time in history right now. And I know you’ve got people on every end of the spectrum, but as we transition, if you will, out of being at home, back into somewhat of a moving connected society, where restaurants are opening store, you know, just you get back out and about amongst people. Let me say that I you know, I think one thing that is so critical right now is that we don’t forget what God has been speaking to us during this time. Or, you know, say, Well, you know, when the time comes or something in the future focus, but even as we’re transitioning with everything reopening that we’re really faithful with what God has been speaking to us and starting to see those promises manifest Yeah, break the back of that spirit of procrastination. Yeah, because there are resources that God has given to you. It’s really about resources God has put in your life, different resources. And it’s not the same for every person. But those resources are seeds that you can use to see God’s Kingdom have effect on other people’s lives.

Definitely. So we want to just spend a minute and pray with you. So Holy Spirit, we just asked God that you would begin to stir faith for the impossible in the midst of your people. God just as we have excitement, for this blossoming and flourishing of the new season, really a new era that we’re entering into, Lord, we ask that you would begin to give us boldness, God, boldness in our faith that we really step out believing and not only boldness But Lord, we thank you for fresh expectation that as we step out, you’re going to meet us like we’ve never seen before.

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