Fishers of Men & A Time of Harvest

We are now in a time of harvest. God is looking for people who are fit and prepared to move into the harvest fields. The Lord showed men going out into the harvest. This was also where they lived. Each had a white T-shirt on, having a phrase related to Jesus being the way of salvation. As I watched these men they were keeping things quiet, rather than loud. There was a lake nearby were they fished. They caught the fish, cut the bone inside of them, and then they pulled out the insides. They did not skin the fish, but had a white makeshift storage area that they had created outdoors that was in the open air.

And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Matthew 4:18-19

Fit and Ready

Just as it was in the Book of Acts where they went out in pairs, God has and is calling people to enter into the harvest. These men were physically fit, ready, serious and yet joyful. There is a price associated with being fit, although we can draw a spiritual parallel of fitness, I believe this represents both natural and spiritual fitness. God expects us to take care of our bodies that He may maximize His glory through us. Since our being is composed of spirit, soul and body, they all need to be in sync as much as possible. For though the anointing of God is sufficient, the work of God does take physical energy. We need to be both prepared in the Spirit as well as in good physical shape for the harvest that we are entering into.

Focus on the Work of Harvest

They both were wearing white shirts, which is representative of the righteousness of God and purity of heart. They also had a very vivid focus toward the work that was before them. There was no time for distraction, but absolute focus on the harvest and work of God. These men were also working to keep things quiet, not loud. If you have ever been fishing, you have to keep things quiet or you will scare off the fish. We need the substance of Christ more than anything else.

The Substance of His Presence

Our focus needs to be more on the substance of the Presence of God, His goodness that draws all men to repentance. We are entering a day where the practical deeds of kindness are being married with the power of the Spirit. They need to be combined for this time of harvest. People don’t just need a touch from God, but need to see the love of God demonstrated through His people in practical ways. A beautiful picture of how Christ works inside out is depicted in the cleaning of the fish. Because it is common procedure to skin the fish I was waiting for that part, but it never happened. It was a picture of how God is not concerned about the outward appearance, but the inward transformation. It was also a picture of what our method of making disciples needs to look like. When we see people come into the Kingdom we need to know how to properly make disciples. What we teach must be inside-out, otherwise we will end up butchering the fish!

It was very specific:
1. The bone within the fish must be cut with scissors: This was a picture of “heart circumcision”.
2. After the bone was cut, it was very easy to remove the inner parts that needed to come out.
3. A Safe Place

After this, they were stored in a safe place. It was a white storage representing the righteousness of God and it was open air representing the Presence of the Holy Spirit. There were many fish being stored in this safe place. One of the beautiful characteristics of the entire event was that there was no show, no performance, no hype these were men that cared and did not want to make a loud demonstration. This was a great picture of how Christ is lifted up as we are fully devoted to His work.

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