Overflow Partners

Together – we are taking God’s presence and power to the nations.

The Overflow Mission

Overflow Global Ministries exists to empower you to take God’s presence and power to the nations, inspire personal faith, and be a catalyst for cultural transformation for the glory of Jesus Christ. We are believing for individuals, families, businesses and ministries partnering together to accomplish our mission.

When you become a partner with Overflow Global Ministries – you become a part of the team seeing lives transformed through the miraculous power of God’s presence.

As an Overflow Partner – you are connected to the work, the rewards, and the anointing of this ministry. You share in the heavenly reward for every soul saved, every miracle manifested, and every life changed.

When you become an Overflow Partner – we pray for you every day, and you will receive an opportunity to connect with John and Brandi Belt each month over Zoom, as well as access to a plethora of teaching to help you live in God’s presence and walk in God’s power.

Partnership Rewards

Through the faithfulness of Overflow Partners – we are able to take God’s presence and power to the nations. Nevertheless, partnership is a two-way blessing.

Whether you are the one doing the ministry on the ground or the one supporting the minister – the reward for the work is the same.

Indeed as the share is of the one going down to battle, so will be the share of the one staying with the equipment. They will share equally.

(1 Samuel 30:24b)

As an Overflow Partner – you can expect:

Spiritual rewards for the ministry work being done.

The anointing to increase and function in your own life.

A harvest on both the financial seeds and prayer seeds sown. 

In addition to these rewards, you will know that you are reaching far beyond your personal sphere of influence to see transformation to lives, nations, and generations.

Transform The World – Together

Partners are individuals, families, ministries and businesses that faithfully sow prayer and financial support Overflow Global Ministries. Your partnership gift enables Overflow to carry out its global mission and positions you to receive the rewards for the work of the ministry, a greater measure of God’s presence and power in your life and a harvest on all the seeds you sow.

Overflow Global Ministries receives your gifts for the purposes identified in our appeals. However, if the projects for which the gifts are being received have been fully funded or cannot be completed for reasons beyond our control, the board reserves the right to use such funds for other similar projects.

Giving History & Statements

Log in to Donorbox to access your giving account or giving history. Year-end contribution statements will be sent out during the month of January every year.

For questions about your giving account contact hello@overflowglobal.com.