God Carries Us Along the Way

We all have blind spots, weaknesses and areas that have not yet experienced the full measure of redemption. In spite of all these things, God still carries along and pours out His grace (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Anyone of us with reflection can look back and see faults, shortcomings and areas of blindness that we had walked in at former times. It is there, when we see these things, that we can at the same time see with hands lifted to heaven that God covered us. He did not allow us to fall, but kept us from stumbling (Hebrews 10:23).

He sustained us and allowed us to be where we are today. If we look closely we can recognize that we are not where we were but are hopefully in that place of seeking Him, desiring Him and trusting in Him as we have been for many years out of a spirit of faithfulness to the Lord. God loves faithfulness (Matthew 25:23).

His Perfection & Faithfulness

He knows we are not going to do things perfectly. But it is only His perfection flowing through us that counts for anything. A new creation is the only thing that counts and it is all of Him (Galatians 6:15). We can not take credit for the good things that have occurred through us. Because he is the source of eternal treasure. It is only His treasure that will not corrupt, but last into never-ending time.

If you are in a difficult place or if you are in a good place, in either circumstance, you can be thankful (Colossians 3:15). You have the knowledge of Him. You have the knowledge that He is drawing you closer and closer to Himself. Let your tongue be consecrated to Him in the pure water of His truth. Allow your speech to be at rest and peaceable to all. There is nothing worth trading the riches of His Presence in your life. Drink in His rest.

Refuge & Peace

Many years ago I was in the backyard of my youth growing up. The spirit of intimacy was so deep within this experiential dream as the Lord began singing a song “Come to Me, I will give refuge and peace. Come to me and lie down.” As He was singing this song a pure white goose/duck flew into the backyard landing and it came to the Lord. The Lord picked it up in His arms and it just snuggled up close to His white garments. This was very experiential because the tenderness, love, comfort and heart of God were so very strong (Matthew 11:29).

Just meditating on this experience I enter back into that place with Him. Allow Him to draw you into that place of rest and peace. It is His very nature to impart His love and peace with your heart. He is the Price of Peace. This is what we are called to. Enter that rest of faith and trust in Him (Hebrews 4:11).

His Fresh Perspective

When Jesus revealed His glory in His earthly life and ministry He blew the religious perception of God being the hard “taskmaster”. The religious had a “law grid” of viewing everything. Jesus came with “grace and truth” (John 1:14). This is a completely different grid that we are called to see things through. It is a wholly fresh perspective from heaven. Allow the freshness of His grace, mercy and life to permeate your being. Let Him be the Prince of Peace in your life. Give Him the time to show Himself to you in this way. Let grace, mercy and peace be yours in Christ.

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