Goodness Is Your Portion

Brandi Belt
Brandi Belt

God is for you and His goodness surrounds you.

The Transcript

It’s Brandi belt. And I am so excited for this season of time that we are in. And I hope you have this expectation in your spirit of what’s happening and what’s to come. You know, people keep talking about the move of God that’s coming, and it is coming. But at the same time, it’s already here, we’re already in the beginning stages of it. When it’s a new year, oftentimes, I don’t spend a whole lot of time asking God for words to publicly share or anything like that, because we all have our own walk. And I really try to focus on just God, what are you speaking to me? What do you want me to focus on, and I would encourage you to do the same thing.

You know, it’s easy to get infatuated with all the words from all the well known prophets around the world. And it’s good to listen to those, it’s good to know what they are, but don’t live dictated by those live on what God’s speaking to you. Because, you know, when you get into the book of Revelation, you see, where John is actually writing different letters to different churches. Why because not everyone’s in the same place. Not everyone’s in the same spot in their walk with God, not everyone’s even in the same geographic location. And so I want to encourage you, you know, that wherever you are, whatever you’ve got going, that you are really seeking God on your own as well. But so as we get into this, you know, one of the things though, that God did speak to me this year that I really felt like I needed to share is that goodness is your portion. You know, we are living in a time of such great shaking, that we’re seeing governments shake, we’re seeing healthcare shake, we’re seeing education shake, we’re beginning to see the economy shake, that even though there’s great shaking, that God is good, and he has good things for you. It’s easy to get so you know, distracted by the noise, and and just what’s going on, that we can lose sight of the fact that God is good, and he has good, good things for you. But what we are doing is we’re living through this time of sifting and shaking, where things that maybe we’ve accidentally idolize things that we’ve accidentally maybe, you know, given more clout to than what we should maybe we put our dependency on, on those things instead of on God, those things are being removed. It’s almost the grace of God, because really, he’s he’s saying, wait a minute, all that you need is me. And if you’re going to put your hope and your trust in these other things, I’m just going to be loving and gracious enough to remove them. And that way, you have to hope in me, right? We’re going to receive people, and I’m talking about people that know Him.

God is so good. And his portion for you is goodness, you know, and again, I want to encourage you, yes, it’s shaking, and I really believe the shaking is going to increase. You know, I wish I could say that, you know, you’re going to wake up this time in a year, and everything is going to be back to pre COVID normal, and the economy is going to be booming and the world is going to be in such a better place. Do I believe the world’s gonna be in a better place? Yes. Why? Because I believe that sons and God’s sons and daughters of God are going to arise like never before. But at the same time, do I believe things are going to shake and fall apart in fresh ways, probably so. But you don’t have to be fearful. You don’t have to be afraid you don’t have to live hunker down going, you know, I can’t the world is so scary. I’m just really mouse. No, God is for you. And his goodness is going to surround you and be your portion this year. You know, as I was seeking God, probably middle December.

I wasn’t really trying to get some words to share or anything like that. But what I was doing is I was just studying the Psalms, and all of a sudden, I landed upon Psalm 65:11, I want to read it because I think it’s going to be something that we might need to hold on to this year. And it says, You crowned the year with your goodness, and your path drips with abundance. Listen, guys, we are going to need to hold on to this reality that God is good, that he has good things for you that he wants to partner with you to bring manifestation of heaven on the earth. God wants to meet with you in fresh new ways this year. He wants to grow in relationship with you like never before. And God not only wants to grow in relationship with you, but he wants to use you like you’ve never seen him use you before. The other big thing God’s really been challenging me on this year is to stretch my faith, like never ever before. You know, sadly, I found that I haven’t been sharing the gospel at all the way that I should. And you know, I’ve been in environments where I had a script to read. And it was pretty difficult because it didn’t feel like there’s a whole lot of grace. It’s not really doesn’t feel like it’s my gift, if you will. I’m not the super evangelist trying to get everybody saved, per se. And so, you know, my evangelism experience is more or less God just speaks to me to some about someone that I’m around and then I step out in faith to try to share or the heart of God stirs my compassion, you know, source of compassion in me to pray for someone, things like that. But when it comes to being really intentional about hey, I’m going to go preach the gospel and how I’m gonna go, you know, intentionally pray for people, I’m just not the best at that. I’ve tried it a couple of times and, and God is so loving that he lets me kind of flounder through but this year he’s really been challenging me to stretch my faith.

And I want to challenge you to stretch your faith, stretch your faith in Your devotional life, maybe if that’s a new thing for you stretch your faith and say, You know what, God, I just need one, I just need to, at minimum spend 10 minutes a day with you helped me to stretch my faith believing for that. Maybe it’s, it’s your faith in what you believe maybe God’s challenge you to stretch your faith and say, Okay, I know that miracles are possible. But do I really believe anything’s possible? You know, years ago, God challenged me to stretch my faith and believe that we could pull apart Siamese twins and see their body parts recreated. And, and, and you know, see just amazing moves of God. So that’s important, you know, we need to stretch our faith in believing God is who He says He is. But for me, God’s just saying, hey, Brandi, are you going to stretch your faith in this whole area of evangelism and sharing the gospel? It says that, you know, we’re commissioned, we’re called to go and preach the gospel, you and I, if we know Jesus, we’re called to go and advance the kingdom. And yes, that’s through changing institutions and, and training people and raising them up, but at the same time, it’s just preaching the simple salvation message of Jesus, that the kingdom of God is at hand, and that you need to repent. And I was like, Oh, God, really? Is that what I need to spend in part of the year challenge, you know, like, challenging myself on and really believing you for? And so I’ve just committed to try to do it once a week. And I know that that doesn’t seem like much, right? It’s kind of where my faith level feels like, but just saying, Hey, God, one day, a week, or once a week, this year, so 52 times this year, I’m going to in faith, take some part of my day and say, Okay, I’m going to just go and either share the gospel just literally tried to share the message of Jesus that the Kingdom Gods handed you need to repent, or I am going to be intentional outside the walls of the church to stop someone and pray for them. So if I see someone in a wheelchair, saying, You know what, I’m gonna, I’m not gonna just walk by and go about my day and get done what I need to do, I’m going to be intentional to stop and try to minister and pray for that person. And I want to encourage you to do something similar as God, say, Hey, God, listen, show me what areas that need to stretch my faith. And because we’re again, we’re living in this phenomenal time. But at the same time, we have to be willing to step out in faith like never before, God is going to use you like never before. We’re gonna see miracles, signs and wonders like never before. We’re gonna see mass salvation like never before. We’re actually believing this so much that our local church body here in Oklahoma City, starting this week, one Sunday, a month, we’re getting out the out of the church, we’re actually we’re going to meet together, we’re going to worship together, we’re going to pray, and we’re splitting up into teams to go to Walmart, and to the mall in different areas, instead of having a Sunday normal kind of Sunday service.

Why? Because we believe that God wants us to stretch our faith and say, Hey, God, we believe that if we step out in faith, you’re going to meet us. And I am believing that, that whatever area God’s telling you and challenging you to step out in, he’s going to meet you there. So would you drop a comment? Or send a DM or even an email and let us know, hey, how can we be agreeing with you this year? How can we be really cheering you on as you go in faith like never before? What is it that God’s been stirring in your heart to step out in that you can actually say, God, I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to try this time. Because I’m believing as you go, God is going to meet you. So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I want to encourage you this is going to be a great year. Yes, shaking might happen. Yes, things might get crazy. But even in the midst of it, God is still on the throne, and he wants to still move in and through your life. So be blessed. Have a great day and let us know again how we can pray for you and how we can be cheer you on in this season.

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