Grace For Today

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Matthew 6:34

Jesus told us that each day has enough trouble of its own. We definitely don’t need to worry about tomorrow. But whatever stuff we need to deal with today needs to be dealt with. There are things that come up in a day that need our attention, need to be taken care of. With that we must avoid procrastination. All procrastination does is push today’s troubles into the next day, then you have double-trouble the next day! So don’t be one to avoid dealing with things that need your attention. Make sure to get things done in a prompt fashion, not to wait. Jesus also said before the verse quoted above to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.” 

Seek the Lord early each day that you may have the wisdom and anointing to deal with things as they come up. Then realize that once you have dealt with these things they are done. There is no need to go there again. Take care of business and move on to the next thing. Many people don’t leave things behind, things that take emotional energy and wear on you need to be left behind. We are told to forget those things that are behind and move on. Learn to check things off your list. Jesus dealt with things as they came. He took care of the Father’s business of the day. Once a day was gone there was new business to deal with. Even though He saw things afar off in the distance His focus was on the things at hand.

Also… don’t dig up things from the past. Bury those things and move on into the newness of life that God has given to you through His Son Jesus. The blood of Jesus Christ makes all things new for us. Put it all under the blood and be free from condemnation. Declare that when He died you died and that when He rose you rose! It is all about His work and our simply receiving the work of His cross. Then make bright plans for the future. A wise man plans things. He plans for good to happen. What good do you want to happen? It typically does not happen until we get motivated to put some things in motion. God wants us to wait on Him, hanging with Him and in that place to make plans that He can bless and show off for us. He does all of this because He is good. So get inspired, get a plan, move on with your life and start planning for good to happen. Dreams happen for people who put their faith into action.

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