Having Fun with God!

We were traveling on the road this weekend with our boys. This was the first long trip we had taken, 14 hours! The skill of keeping them satisfied on this long trip grew as we went. However, there was one particular point in the trip where we stopped off to get a bite to eat. During that time one of our boys wanted to get out in the grass and play. Being the responsible father that I am, I took him over to a semi-small patch of grass where he could walk around. The key for me was that I continued to hold his hand so that he would not get off into the parking lot or drive-thru area. My boy would twist around me trying to get loose from my grip because he desired a more expansive experience in his play time.

After some thought I found a different approach that turned out to be much more enjoyable for both of us. I let him go to play and run in the very limited grass area. At the same time I would run with him, keeping him within the safe boundaries. This turned into a very fun game of him trying to get away from me. He realized that he could not escape me. I was too fast and able to catch him at any given point. It was very funny because he would try to find different ways of getting away. He would laugh every time I caught him. I would let him run and catch him before he could get where it was unsafe.

After playing this little game with my son it helped me to realize just how God allows us to have some leeway within safe boundaries. He does not force us, although He disciplines us. He is our Father and keeps us safe. He does not kill our joy by being controlling. He rather allows us to have liberty keeping us from trouble at the same time. I could have just held my son’s hand and not allowed him to do anything outside of my grip, but this was not the best way at that particular time. But when I allowed him to have freedom from my grip, yet not leaving him alone, he displayed great joy having fun in the process.

Our interaction escalated, producing a greater joy. Obviously there is a time to not let a child go. Yet, it is important that we realize when it is good to let go. This applies in all relationships. God satisfies us with His Presence always being there for us. He enjoys interacting with us. We have joy interacting with Him. The more we interact with God, the greater the pleasure we experience. God has fun with us. We can have fun with Him.

You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Psalms 16:11 

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