Healing, Renovation & Restoration

I was having my usual morning time spending time with the Lord. During this time I was walking around our big room praying. As I did, I noticed that my son had taken a bright orange crayon (we keep these out for him to play with) and ground it into the carpet with it about 8 inches long. I put my fingers into it to see how deep it was, then walked across the room looking at it from a distance. Our boy is around 2 years old. If you hang around kids this age you know how creative they can be! With that I thought I would stop what I was doing to go get a wet rag to try and get the mark up out of the carpet. Then I just decided I would take care of it later after I finished my prayer time.

After about 20 minutes still pacing around the room I walked over to the same place looking down and the mark was gone. I turned different angles to make sure I was seeing correctly and sure enough it had disappeared. Chills went up my spine! The carpet was clean! I was officially wigging out with metabolism kicked up. I went to tell Brandi what had happened. 

Then she was all excited because the Lord had just given her a word that corresponded with what had just happened. The first thing that came to my mind when I thought about what had happened and what God was trying to say was, “Healing, Renovation and Restoration”. It was a deep mark in the fabric of our carpet that was completely removed and restored, being “healed” in a sense. God had come into the natural realm altering and recreating things.

God’s Amazing Works

It was just a reminder of how easy it is for God to come and do a creative miracle in someone’s body or shift things in the natural. In the blink of an eye this mark disappeared from the carpet. For some people I’m sure this sounds pretty out there. But God is “out there”! He desires to blow us away with what He can do. He is not impressed with man’s works. All man can do is try to “regurgitate” what God has already created in a pure form.

Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.

John 14:12

There is a healing anointing that is getting ready to be released that will baffle the mind of man. The day of creative miracles is upon us again. People will be turning to God for their physical needs, rather than man.? Inexplicable miracles will begin to occur at an exponential rate as we escalate into this new day of God’s display of power. Healings of every sort will be released. As we create an atmosphere for His Presence wherever we go this healing anointing will begin to manifest.

Angels in Our Midst

Another thought about this mark disappearing is that I did not ask the Lord to remove it. He just did it. When we carry the atmosphere of heaven things just start happening. Angels start doing things in our midst. Heaven’s realities are funneled into the earth. God begins to do things just because we have made a place for Him. We should begin to expect the unexpected, allowing God to do all the unusual things that flow from His extraordinary ways.

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