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Heavenly Dreams

Peaceful Dreams

In dreams, in a vision of the night,
when deep sleep falls upon men,
in slumber on their beds,
then He opens the ears of men,
and seals their instruction,
that He might turn aside man from his purpose,
and conceal pride from man.

Job 33:15-17

“Sleep in heavenly peace”… “God does give us heavenly peace and heavenly dreams.” I came to the Lord at the age of 19. But it was some time before I ever encountered God in a dream. I remember being on my university campus back around 1989. Being asleep in my dorm room in the middle of the night in a dream I saw myself standing in the middle of a field looking into the blue midnight sky. The stars were all very clear then suddenly I saw one star begin to grow, then explode and expand into a great light. I found myself traveling upward into this light with my body being changed and transformed into a heavenly body. Then I realized this was the Day of the Lord. There were two thought running through my head. One was that this was amazing and awesome for me as a believer in Jesus! The other thought was how terrible and horrible a day it was for those who didn’t know Jesus. I woke out of the dream shaking in my bed.

Worship God

Since then I’ve continued to have dreams on a regular basis. It is now very common place. Everyone dreams but not every has heavenly dreams. When you start to learn how to practice the Presence of God you will begin to have more encounters with God. Getting on His frequency in worship and prayer activates heavenly dreams, visions and encounters with God. Many have an intellectual knowledge of God but severely limit themselves in their relationship to God. Some have learned to trust in their intellect and soul rather than knowing God by the Holy Spirit. This creates a false dependency and idolatry of the mind. The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God – and yes it is not the intellect. Build a strong library for the Word of God but don’t worship your library – worship God.

The Holy Spirit often offends the natural mind because He works in tandem with your heart and spirit pulling from the files of your mind – putting the intellect in second place. The natural mind is to be the slave of the new man that you are in Christ, your spirit – not the opposite. The Holy Spirit being at the helm in the driver’s seat. As we understand this we yield our hearts without fear, in love to God, allowing Him to speak to us in the most intimate way – even through dreams.

Heavenly Songs

God will give you heavenly songs that will cause your to capture the atmosphere of heaven in your heart. As He does this you learn in a way that you could never learn by cramming your head with information. This is the spirit of revelation that opens the eyes of your heart to a fresh dimension of God’s glory and Presence. Take time today to simply commune with God through worship and prayer, even before bedtime, asking Him to speak to you in the way He would choose. As you practice His Presence you will begin to encounter Him in a new and living way.

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