The Holy Spirit Inspired Life

John Belt
John Belt

There is such power in the words we speak. Through our words we open doors and close doors. Have you ever been in a situation where you are thinking in conversation, “Should I say this or not?” Then you decided to say it later realizing it might have been better to stay away from that particular subject? Words are much like keys that open doors to different rooms. Some rooms you would love to step into and other you might not.
Proverbs 18:21
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit.”
We need the spirit of wisdom and the inspiration of the Spirit to use our words for God’s greater good. Our words are powerful with the ability to move us in the right direction. They have the power to get us stuck or break us loose. Ultimately, we all want to speak from God’s inspiration.
Have you ever run into those who:
1. Have all the “right words” but don’t have the substance behind them? We live in a society that says much but doesn’t have the actions to support those words.
2. Then you may find some who don’t have all the words right but they have the right actions, a good heart and are people of substance.
3. There also are those who have all the right actions, seem to be experts but only to be seen by men and to look good.

All of us have missed it at one time or another. When we look at Jesus, He had all the right words and actions. He is the Perfect Man. He lived His earthly life for the pleasure of the Father. How was He able to do it? It all came down to inspiration.  Jesus lived by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We need the inspiration of God to live the way He has intended for us. When God breathes His Spirit into our lives He causes His Word and voice to come alive enabling us to exude the qualities of His Kingdom. After all, this is not about living by a list of things to do, a list of things to say and about being perfect. God is perfect and has the perfect solution. The way God solved this issue was by sending His Spirit to come and dwell in us. As habitations of God we are able to receive inspiration of the Holy Spirit, hear His voice and follow His ways.

Matthew 11:30
“For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
Aren’t you glad about that? Religion is a heavy load, but our relationship with the Lord is a joy and delight. When God awakens us there is an effortless grace and ecstasy that comes from His Presence. It is not that we don’t face challenges. Yet, when we do face them we have His rest, His peace and His easy yoke upon our lives that graces us to live by His Spirit. This affects us in the most powerfully significant way.  Solutions are not found in creating endless lists but in prioritizing His Presence in our lives, meditating on His words and following His voice. When we are awakened to the Lord our meditation will result in a life that reflects His nature in both word and deed.

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  1. I’ve always appreciated your insight. I decree that the Lord will be no speech or language where your voice is not heard! Favor and increase is your portion!!!

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