Overflow Internships

Equipping the next generation of ministry leaders.

Accelerate your ministry experience.

The Overflow Internship is about the development and deployment of the next generation of leaders. It’s about training and sending leaders all around the world.

Walk in the call God has for you.

It’s about what happens when information combined with revelation and application come together to create transformation.

Leadership development, personal disciplines, and biblical principles are combined with significant opportunities to exercise your gifts.

The Internship Includes

Launch a ministry project you are passionate about within eight weeks.

Weekly one-on-one session with John, Brandi and the Overflow team.

Weekly group teaching and outreach sessions.

Strategize, develop and nurture a culture of passionate pursuit of God within the Overflow team and the people we serve.

Aid in planning, preparation and execution of special ministry events – locally and abroad.

Actively participate in local church services two Sundays each month (e.g. share testimony, technical help, etc.). **If in-person internship.

After a couple of weeks you’ll be amazed at how much you have accomplished and the experience you have gained. The training you receive will be well worth the investment of time, energy, and passion.

General Information

Where | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
For | Those who feel called into vocational ministry and are looking for hands-on ministry experience.
Dates | Interns are accepted on a rolling basis.
Pay | This is an unpaid internship. You are responsible for raising support for 2 ministry weekends out of town.
Hours | 16 hours per week + 2 ministry weekends out of town.

Now Accepting Applications

You Will Gain

Life Change

You will experience God in new ways to help you increase your understanding of His true nature and character. As a result – life change will happen within you and propel you to take the next steps in your walk with God.

Equipping & Activation

You will hear messages and participate in discussions before stepping out to activate what you have learned. As you stretch your faith following God – we will help you tackle the situations, questions, emotions and real-life issues you face.

Discover Calling

You will have a better understanding of yourself, the gifts God has given to you for His glory and greater clarity on what you are called to do. As you are pushed beyond your comfort zone – you will discover how to lean on God as a leader.


Your relationship with God will deepen as you make following Him your focus. As you engage with the Overflow team, your internship cohort and develop relationships with the people we get to serve – you will find lifelong relationships encouraging your pursuit of God.