Jesus is Alive

John & Brandi Belt
John & Brandi Belt

Jesus is still alive and on His throne! Join John and Brandi Belt as they discuss serving a living God.

The Transcription

You know what I love about this story is when the women go to find Jesus expecting him to be in the tomb, the angels have here and say, Why are you looking for the living among the dead? Yeah, because Jesus is alive, he’s risen. And so we just wanted to just really say Happy Easter and encourage you today. You know, Jesus is not in to dead things. No, he’s not. He’s into resurrecting those things that have died.

And so he has an amazing plan for you, even though the world around us might feel a little bit like it is in a swirl. God is still into bringing life right in the midst of it right in the chaos, right? And the, you know, confusion, he is all about bringing life like never before, amen. And just like he died, we died. And when he was raised from the dead, we were raised from the dead, you know, so we have a living hope it’s Christ in us the hope of glory. And so after He was resurrected, He sent His Spirit on the day of Pentecost, that we would have true hope that he is always with us in now in the person of the Holy Spirit dwells inside of us. So the reality of His presence is yours. It’s yours. And I love it. We were watching a little Super Book. I don’t know if you guys know what Super Book is. It’s a CBN Christian Broadcasting Network, cartoon series, you know, our kids watch it. And we were watching the He is risen this morning.

And I love the part where Jesus says, It is finished. And all the sudden the earthquake and the temple shook and rent the veil of the temple right into and I just love that because that’s the end of the old in the entrance into the new that he has given us boldness by the blood of Christ that we can enter into the holiest of all, by the blood of Jesus Christ. And it’s not the holiest of all that was made by hands. But now it’s in the heavens, we can come into the very presence of God, by the blood of Jesus Christ as he went before us as a foreigner Yeah, into the presence so that we can go into His presence to and live in that place. Not just go and experience at one time, but he ripped it completely open so that it’s always available and accessible. You know what one of my favorite parts about meditating on the resurrection story is I think it’s such a great reminder that it doesn’t matter what you’re facing the impossible odds that it seems like you are against the in Christ, you’re always victorious. You know, I can only imagine on the Saturday what those disciples must have been thinking right? Or what we would call as the Saturday but it’s like the day between or the time between when Jesus was killed on the cross, yeah. And and gone, you know, He’s been buried. And I’m sure there was a place of confusion a place of just real despair, despair, unknowing, you know, we’ve given our lives for three years for this training that we expected to turn out totally differently. But yet, in the midst of that, right in the middle of all of that, here come these women saying Jesus is alive, you know. And so I just love it. Because I often find that we get in those places, you know, and some of you might be feeling like, you’re there.

Now, you know, you get to a place where everything that you’ve given yourself for doesn’t seem to be working, it seems like it’s dead and gone. And yet here comes Jesus bring it back to life. And that’s why you gotta live. You gotta love the Gospels, because it brings the very human element into you think about what the disciples were thinking, Jesus knew that they would just feel overwhelmed by his death. And just to think that he is saying, my days on earth are over. And now it’s up to you guys. And so you could feel the burden and the weight of everything. And but that’s why Jesus said, Wait in Jerusalem, yeah, he received the Holy Spirit, received the Holy Spirit from on high, and the power and the blessing of the Father is going to come upon you. And then you can be my witnesses, from Jerusalem, to Judea, and to the ends of the earth. Yeah, for sure. When I love that, because, you know, he rose, and he’s still alive today, you know, and he’s alive and well. And he’s still calling us to deeper intimacy in relationship with him, yes. And to go forth and share the news that he has arisen that he is alive, forevermore.

And that’s the blessing is that we’re ambassadors of Christ, you know, we carry the good news, and it’s good news. It’s not bad news. So with all the bad news that’s going on in the earth, it’s really important that we carry the good news Yeah, of Jesus Christ that we carry the hope and, and encourage people and point them to him and say, Hey, we don’t have all the answers. In some ways we do carry some of the answers. But Jesus is the ultimate answer. Yeah, everything that they’re facing, you know, because there’s so many different things and needs in people’s lives and can be overwhelming. If we tried to meet those needs ourselves. But Christ can meet every one of those needs. Yeah, he sees every heart and he’s able to do it, because He is God.

Amen. So we would love to just pray today that God would bring you new life, he would just refresh you this morning, he would resurrect any of those dead promises, those dead prophetic words that maybe you have long, let go up, he would really bring life. So Lord, we just thank you right now in Jesus name. Father, we thank you for life, and abundant life today being released on your people, Lord, we thank you for refreshing God, that you would just begin to wash and encourage your people or that you would bring back joy, where it has been gone that you’d bring back peace, where there has been chaos. And Lord, I thank you for just fresh hope. And that ability to resurrect lower that it doesn’t matter what seems like it’s in front of them, Lord, that they get to be resurrected with you and those dead promises those dead dreams, those dead prophetic words, Lord, that now is the time this is the season for resurrection.

And Lord, you gave me a word just last night. And it was just that there’s nothing impossible for those who believe in what is limited by man’s ability, faith and belief makes it possible. So help us to believe you, Lord, just give us the gift of faith, Lord, to believe you, Lord, when things seem impossible, and for those things that we’re believing for give us that ability to believe for those things and put action. Yes, Lord, we thank you for that and the name of Jesus or this is a day of hope. It’s a day of resurrection. Yeah, he’s resurrected, you’re resurrected, and the power of his Spirit today. Amen. So be blessed in the name of Jesus.

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