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Jesus: Lightnings, Thunderings & His Cloud

Had a most powerful encounter this week with the Lord Jesus ministering in His power with the realm of heaven manifested all around. It was one of the most intense encounters I’ve ever experienced.

Jesus Encounter

I was in a meeting where Jesus was speaking. When he spoke of a certain sin it manifested on His body physically and the revelation of His grace was released. Then thunder, lightning and clouds filled the room so much that I had to leave because it was so powerful.. the glory of god was in the meeting!

What an encounter it was to be in a place where Jesus was actually ministering His life. One thing I note as I reflect on this encounter, Jesus did not have to say much. It was much more about who He was, what He has done and the power of His grace being released through His work. There was actually a part in this encounter where the emphasis was on “His work”. His work has been accomplished for us. When He spoke of sin it would manifest on His body in the form of a wound. When that wound appeared the substance and glory of His grace was released into the room.

The God of Glory Thunders!

The God of glory thunders! When Jesus spoke there were thunderings in the room! Lightnings, the electricity of His presence, was released in the room. The glory cloud was released in the room. It is replete in the scriptures that God’s voice is like thunder. Over and over we see this in Job, the Psalms and in the Book of Revelation. Thunder is an expression of His powerful voice that shakes all things. His voice shakes us to the core of our being. The thunder of His voice will shake everything that is not of Him out of us. There is a massive purification when the thunder of His voice is resounding in our lives. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.” 

There is a shaking of everything in our being when the thunder of His voice is within us. There have been times when a storm comes, most of us have experienced the deep rumble of thunder shaking our houses when that cloud comes over our dwelling place. Quite an exciting experience to say the least. It is actually kind of fun, but puts a shake into you. You can feel the rumble in your body. His voice is the same way. There is a place in the encounter where His voice becomes like thunder to us. It is a purifying thunder that draws us even closer to Him, for He is our refuge and fortress.

The Intensity of Heaven’s Realm

The lightning of His glory was released in the room as well. This is His power. The very electricity of God literally is power. Lightning, electricity and power are all in the same family. When I was sitting in the meeting where Jesus was speaking I could see the lightning of God shooting everywhere. It was intense! The entire experience was so powerful that I had to take a break and go outside the room just to get a breather. I stood outside the door for a minute just saying to myself, “WOW!”

The cloud of His glory was also in the room. It was just that thick weightiness of His presence. It was heavy in the room. Just as the priests of Israel could not stand to minister because of the glory in the temple, it felt that very same way. Thus…. I need to take a break and breathe. This meeting was such that the throne room of heaven was manifest on earth in this one room. There may have been rain as well. There was so much activity going on that my mind was having a hard time keeping up. Of course, this is a perfect picture of how our natural mind cannot keep up with God’s glorious world. Let it be, short circuit and blow our minds! More Lord!

In another portion of the encounter Jesus was literally “working out”. This was a picture of His grace in that He has done all of the work for us so that we can rest from ours.

All of these things are expressions of God’s being and person. The cross has made the way for sin to be destroyed and heaven to be manifested in the earth. Just by our abiding in Christ, accessing the Spirit we can live an experiential life in His Presence. God is ready to pour out unprecedented experiences of His life and glory in our midst. Knowing this, let us be “searching” with our spirit the heart of God, the wisdom of God and the knowing God by the Spirit who searches the deep things of God. When we are searching with our spirit He will come to us, meet us and manifest Himself in our midst with glory and power.

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