Living a Life of Honor

Every person is valuable to God. Knowing this, we can find ways to honor people. If it were not for the grace of God we would all be up the creek without a paddle! He who has begun a good work in you is faithful to complete it. He does the work inside-out. All of us need His grace and a heart of grace that finds ways to honor others.

How important it is to honor one another in love. We completely miss the heart of God when we don’t honor one another. We don’t have to agree with someone else on every point but we can still be honoring and a blessing to them. The tongue is a world of iniquity. It guides our lives into evil or God’s goodness. Thank the Lord that He has given us His Holy Spirit that can tame our tongue to bring glory to God. Jesus never spoke anything that was not straight from the heart of God. This gives us great hope because He came as a man being empowered by the Holy Spirit. We too can access the grace of God to bring our mouths into a place of blessing, honor and submission to His will. Only life proceeded from the lips of Jesus. His words were and still are transforming our lives. May it be said of us that when we speak only words of life, love and blessing come forth from us. 

Our lives should go out of the way to cover others in their shortcomings. Just as Shem and Japeth covered Noah, so our role is to cover others as well. If there is anything good that can be said about us, it is only because of the grace of God. Nothing else qualifies us. Realizing this, let’s pursue to be a people of love, honor and blessing toward others. God cannot help but to be drawn to such a people. God’s wisdom is first of all, pure. With a pure heart we will speak pure words of life that bring glory to God and honor others.

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