Make Faith Resolutions

Brandi Belt
Brandi Belt

Now is the perfect time to make faith resolutions so you can grow closer in your relationship with Jesus and stretch yourself.

The Transcript

Hey, friends, it’s Brandi Belt, I just want to wish you a happy new year. And I want to challenge you that as we enter this new year, and this new season, you would take some time and make yourself some faith resolutions. So oftentimes, the beginning of the year people make resolutions to, you know, choose to lose weight, or maybe you plan on reading more, or going to bed at a different time, having more family time, whatever it is. And those are all good things. Those are all necessary things. I encourage you to do natural resolutions, but at the same time, I want to challenge you to really stretch your faith with God this year. Why don’t you begin to pray and say, Lord, I want this year to be a year that maybe I share the gospel with someone every week, maybe you’re uncomfortable sharing the gospel, it’s just something you don’t do very often. Challenge yourself to, every week, make sure you’re sharing the gospel with one person. Or maybe you’ve never prayed for someone to receive healing. And so this year, let this be your year where you decide you’re going to step out and pray for people. Maybe even it’s something as simple as during worship, you feel insecure about how your voice sounds, and so you don’t really seeing where anyone can hear you. I want to challenge you to bolt it out this year, because God loves the sound of your voice. And he wants you to make a joyful noise noise for him.

And so as we’re entering this New Year, I just want to encourage you that it’s going to be your best year yet I fully believe that the glory of the Lord is going to cover the earth like the water covers the sea. It’s a year of greater glory in 2023. And it’s not just for people that stand behind a pulpit. People that are in vocational ministry, it’s for anyone who follows Jesus. And that’s you. And so I want to encourage you to make sure that as you’re really processing and praying and preparing for this new year, that you put some effort in to choosing to stretch your faith. God will be your biggest cheerleader and we want to cheer you on to so we bless your new year and we are so excited to hear all that God does in and through your life.

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