His Manifested Presence

John Belt
John Belt

We don?t want you to only get a good teaching on God?s Presence. ?We want you to experience?God?s manifested Presence.?Yep. We have teaching but we really want you to experience Him. ?It would be wrong to eat fresh baked bread in front of your little ones and not let them eat it.
Until they actually taste it for themselves they will never know just how good that fresh bread is!
It is?the same with God?s Presence.?
?It is not good enough for you to be taught about it, you?must taste and see that the Lord is good! ?We would love to meet you in some of our meetings, but another way that we can help you is through the soaking music. ?God uses worshipful music to bring us before His throne. Try some today. ?We believe it will really help you in your times with God.

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