Moving Forward

Have you ever lost something that you wish you could recover or something that may not be able to be replaced? Have you ever done or said something you wish that you could go back in time and change? We all have done things like this. Don’t feel like you are the only one in the crowd that has done things like this. From the least to the greatest we all have done things that we regret. The good news is that God has a vast unlimited supply of all things that cover all of the mistakes that we could ever make! So don’t be discouraged! Be encouraged!

The best we can do on our side of heaven with these things is to throw them into God’s lap and let Him make a miracle out of them. We need to abdicate control over the messes that we have made to the Lord. This is part of casting our cares upon Him for He cares for us. Maybe you feel like you were not a good steward over something you feel the Lord had given you to steward. Don’t allow the enemy to make you self-focused. Don’t allow him to push you into self-pity or focus on your mistakes. Focusing on what you have done wrong will only magnify your shortcomings.

God is not surprised when we blow it! He is not taken back. When we focus on ourselves it only makes things worse. When we turn our eyes upon the Lord He transforms us as we behold Him. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Take God seriously. What do I mean? Turn your eyes toward Him. Take God at His Word. Confess your fault and move on. Don’t dwell in the past. You must move forward forgetting the things which are behind. Don’t fear the future either. Faith is now. What does He want you to do NOW is the question.

A good first step is to receive cleansing and forgiveness. That is to mean that you receive the reality of cleansing, and experience your conscience being clear before God. The next step is to commit your heart to learn from the things of the past so that you may be a better steward of the things the Lord puts in your life. Then realize that you CANNOT do it in your own strength, but only in His. His strength is perfect in our weakness. Jesus said to one of the Pharisees that his spiritual blindness remained because the Pharisee claimed that he could see.

The key to receiving the strength, grace and gifts of God is to admit our weaknesses and insufficiencies. We don’t glory in our strengths, but in our weaknesses. For in that weakness the strength of God will be revealed. This puts the weight of the responsibility on the Lord, not on us. Our responsibility is to simply abide in Him. Put away striving and control. Learn the way of peace. The main distinguishing mark of believers in Jesus is peace. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Jesus said that the peace that He gives is not even like the superficial peace that the world gives that is based on the things of this world. His peace comes from the realm of heaven, His Kingdom. His peace is so great that it cannot be comprehended with the natural mind. It is far beyond our ability to grasp. Do you experience this peace? It begins with silencing the voice of accusation that tells you that you have blown it.

The Voice of the Lord will come to you calling you to Himself. Call on Him for cleansing. Be transparent. Don’t hide from Him. He is the source of your peace and freedom. Come to Him in pure honesty and devotion of heart. Then ask for the reality of His love to permeate your entire being. Wait for it. Don’t rush. The world is rushing around and going nowhere fast. Take your time in His Presence, value Him, honor Him and experience a rush of His wind in your spirit today. He loves you, cares for you and even desires to do good things for you. He is much better than us!

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