Moving Into His Gates with Thanksgiving

John Belt
John Belt

As at anytime in this season we should remember just how important it is to give thanks. God has ordained thanksgiving as the vehicle that takes us from outside to inside His gates. There is no other life for us to live than inside the gates of God A life of thanksgiving enables us to live such a life. When our hearts are overflowing with the good things He has done it give us inspiration to give thanks and praise to God.

In our quest to accomplish much for His glory sometimes it is easy to forget just how essential and important a life of simple thanksgiving is. To be found in the will of God is to be found in the place of thanksgiving.

I Thesselonians 5:18
“…in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

The gates of our heart also open up as we give thanks. It changes us on the inside. Sometimes it can feel like a sacrifice to give thanks. You might even have to search a little bit to figure out what you are giving thanks for. But there are always reasons to give thanks. We are experts at seeing all the things that are wrong instead of seeing all the things that are right. Human nature tends to almost always gravitate to negative things. The mind controlled by the Spirit will see the glass half-full instead of half-empty. It is also all to easy to become self-appointed experts at who has all the problems. But Jesus said that we are simply not able to help anyone if we have a moat in our own eyes. It all begins with us. A thankful heart can bring freedom and deliverance to one’s self and to others. One right choice can avert a multitude of prayers. Make the choice to give thanks today and see God move mountains on your behalf!

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  1. Keep sending these devotionals love them so up lifting such an anointing. Always look forward to them
    Thank you for your ministry
    The blessings of God overtake you today!!

  2. Great great wonderful just to say the least…. am always blessed by your Timely Prophetic words. Your are Truly a blessing to the nations of the world

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