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Will There Be Nephilim in the Last Days?

Will there be Nephilim in the Last Days? The Bible tells us that the last days perilous times shall come. (2 Timothy 3:1) Just as Moses demonstrated the superior power of God in his day, I believe that there will be a time when there will be a confrontation between an empowered anointed people of God bringing demonstrations of God’s power exposing the counterfeit power of the devil. (2 Timothy 3:8-9)

The subject of “Nephilim” is a controversial but clearly biblical as we see in Genesis 6. It has not been a topic that has been a great interest of mine, although I?ve seen the validity of it. The encounter that I just recently had really opened my eyes in regards to the plans of the enemy in regards to this subject. We see today the seeds of the enemy being planted in the hearts of many through the world wide web, movies, media and such promoting this deception in subtle and not so subtle ways. You don?t have to look hard to find it.

Before you read this, I would like to make it very clear that I have not had any interest whatsoever in reading books on end time prophecies, books on the Nephilim, books on aliens or sci-fi movies on UFOs and etc. About the only thing I read is the bible and an occasional book with more of a God focus. On January 4th, 2012 I had this dream that was quite surprising to me to say the least. A few years ago I did read an article by Paul Keith Davis about an encounter that he had that relates to this subject. I also believe that, just as Paul the Apostle said, we are to be simple concerning evil and wise in regards to the things that are good being related to God. My life and focus is dedicated to worshipping the Lord, keeping my focus on Him and not being distracted by other things that are not to be our central focus.

With that in mind, we know that God does not want us to be ignorant of what the devil is up to. Jesus did give us some warnings about the end times and what to expect. He also exhorted us to be awake, to watch and pray, to be alert that “the Day of His Coming” would not take us unprepared and asleep. We also have the Parable of the Virgins. This parable speaks volumes to us in regards to our intimacy with God, legitimate relationship and our communion with the Holy Spirit. Five virgins were foolish and five virgins were wise; but they were all “virgins”. This speaks of the Church, those who are walking with God and those who are just religious. The five wise virgins did not have enough oil for the foolish. Therefore we must examine ourselves to see if we are “in the faith”. There is much superficiality in the Church, speaking of what may look like the Church and very well may be. ? Yet, God is the judge and the only One who determines who is really His. Keeping all of this in mind, here is the dream that I had with my interpretation of it.

Dream About Nephilim

In this dream about “Nephilim in the Last Days” I was in an old colonial style house. There were intercessors gathered there. Many of which seemed to be strong intercessors that loved God’s presence. I was thinking that these were good people to be around.

Then someone was looking for a bathroom in this house, but could not find one. It was just very old. I thought that it might be in the master bedroom. Then saw that the master bedroom was it’s own separate house.

Then I turned to the front seeing an alien airship land in the front yard. I ran into some person, in the form of someone religious with a deceptive look of wisdom, who was trying to turn me on to a book that looked very old and ancient, like the Bible. But it was not the Bible. Then he went on to attempt to enamor me saying that he had an encounter with an alien that actually wrote things down personally for him. I recognized the deception and told him it was a demon, then I said it was NEPHILIM. I was very much confronting, exposing him.? He backed off.

Then I saw into this book the symbol of the Nephilim, that was the head of an alien that has been depicted in different places such as movies and etc. Then there as a room of people that were listening to this man. As they did and began to believe him their heads would take on the position and shape of the alien head. It was as if when they believed they came into alignment. I was praying very loudly in the Spirit, pleading the blood of Jesus and using the Name of Jesus to protect myself and hopefully free others from this deception. I could sense a demonic power was growing stronger because of the number of people that were coming into agreement with it.

In this group most were buying into the lies. It was feeling dangerous for me so I began to get out of the place and only a few people followed.

After I had this dream I was wide awake being very stunned.

Nephilim In The Last Days

What this speaks of in my view is the delusion that Jesus spoke about that would come at the end of the age.

And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man.

Luke 17:26

There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the “mighty men” (Nephilim) who were of old, men of renown.

Genesis 6:4

Mighty men, which is also translated giants, can also be translated “fallen ones”. The Hebrew word is “Nephilim”. As I looked into this you can find that in the Greek version of the Bible this could be translated “Titans”. The story of the Titans is the same story where the “greek gods” came down to have relations with mortal women.? There is much that could be said on this and has been said by some regarding alien abductions and other bizarre happenings that are documented by the government as historical record. The fact is that these are not aliens from another world, but evil entities from the pit of hell being housed in this earth and that function on a higher level than just demons.

The Colonial House

This seemed to be representative of our nation. This house went back to the beginnings of our nation when it began. It was large square rooms with grand halls but hard to find a bathroom. Go figure… The bathroom is a very private place, could not be found. The master bedroom was not part of the house. This could represent the intimacy with God having been disconnected and not able to be found. Both represent places of privacy and intimacy.

The Ancient Book

This was a book that looked like the Bible but wasn’t. I knew the content was not of God, but ancient nevertheless. Then later saw the “alien head” symbol in the writings of this book. Those who came into agreement with it took on the image of this alien head. These are those who had bought into the lies of this man of deception. I spoke with someone who had mentioned this, he told me that this represented illegally accessed mysteries of the universe that could potentially be used to release greater evil in the earth through deception and demonic power. He has had much greater detail on this in his teachings on “The Days of Noah”.

The Blood of Jesus

Many years ago I read a little booklet called “The Blood of Jesus”, of which now I wish I would have made a copy”. A friend of mine in Africa had this book sharing it with me. It was about an African pastor who was delivered by the power of the blood of Jesus from very deep occult activity. This man told stories of women that he slept with that “shape-shifted” into snakes, how he visited places under the ocean off the coast of Africa where Satan had a dwelling place, then was witness to the ships flying out of the ocean. (ie. the UFO phenomenon)? That is just the small bit that I remember.

The most powerful part of this booklet was how he was delivered by the blood of Christ. Even some very conservative evangelical friends could not deny the power of his testimony in this little booklet. I say this because the supernatural is very normal in many parts of Africa and is considered the norm, where here in the intellectual haven of America it is hard for anyone to believe in anything supernatural. Although, that is changing. There is a remnant of hungry people in the Church who are awakening, who will rise in the power of the Spirit as this deception and delusion brings it’s demonic power demonstrations.

America’s demonic problem is the god of materialism, comforts and pleasure that brings more focus to what is seen, rather than the invisible realm. It dulls the spiritual senses. America is also the product of the enlightenment in Europe where everything has to be reasoned out and make sense in the head, rather than seeing with spiritual eyes.

Nephilim & A Strong Delusion

The reason I feel it necessary to write this is that 2012 will have a deeper release of deception that many will fall into that will come in the form of this particular false religion, even false demonic demonstrations of power that will cause people who are not grounded in the faith to be deceived.

Jesus refers to a great “falling away”. This year may be the beginning of that. Narrow is the way that leads to life and few are those who find it. For our own desire to see everyone know the Lord many tend to make this road very broad and wide, but that is the road that leads to destruction. With this, there will be a greater clarity in regards to those who are His versus those who only have a form of godliness without substance.

The people who will be deceived will be those who don’t have a personal encounter with God. Those who don’t know God’s power will fall into the delusion of lies. When you don’t have a real experience with God all is negotiable. Those who don’t have a life with God will look for other options. Those who have a true encounter with the living God will have no other option. Obviously the world, those who don’t know Jesus, will be the ones most easily deceived, then it will be those who are religious. Those who know and walk with the Lord are secure in Him. Because of these things there will be a greater distinction and clarity of who really is part of the remnant company referred to scripture.

Intercession For The Nation

In this dream the intercessors were meeting in the basement or lower area of the colonial house. This represents the need to intercede for our nation. Intercession must rise for people to have eyes to see, not being ignorant of the delusion that is coming. The Lord ever lives to make intercession for the saints. There are many, many more people caught up in religious form than the true gospel with power. They need intercession that will “strike the mark”, awakening their hearts to God. In the dream this was also a very good place to be where the interactions of the Holy Spirit were taking place through the intercession.

The Timetable

I’m not big on giving dates for anything. Jesus did not even give us any. There is so much symbolism and types that God gives. But Jesus did say He is “coming soon”. On my timetable that seems quite a while ago. There is no doubt that we are at the door of some dramatic shifts in the spirit realm.

In the days of Noah, Noah lived 950 years, 350 of those years were after the flood, so 600 years is a huge window of time. We are not sure when these Nephilim came to being during his life or how long God allowed their evil activity to take place. According this person’s word and what he saw, evil spirits came up from the bowels of the earth that had the appearance of Hitler, these spirits (maybe Nephilim) influenced Hitler in his evil engagements especially in regards to anti-semitism. Hitler rose to power in just a few years, then it was over in 1945. Only God knows how long this delusion will last before Jesus returns. God knows the timetable.

I do believe in a literal second coming of Jesus Christ. It was notable to me that I received this dream, my most significant so far, at the beginning of 2012. I was only slightly aware of all the hoopla surrounding 2012 as it has NOT been my meditation. I will continue to keep my focus on the Lord for the very reason that I just enjoy thinking about Him much more! But I at same time desire to be faithful to give the messages He brings to me no matter how controversial they may be.

Intimacy With God

The foremost reason I write this is to encourage you to stay close with God in communion with the Holy Spirit, abiding in His Word. Many will be deceived, but not those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High. Jesus promised that if His words abide in us, that He would abide in us.

This is just one word for 2012. It is not the only thing happening. God is going to pour out blessings. He is building His Church afresh in a new wineskin that can hold His wine. There are lots of very good things ahead. There is going to be an escalation of God’s demonstration along with the delusion that is coming.

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