OGM 102: Living From the Inside Out Podcast

John Belt
John Belt

In this podcast learn?how?God created us?to live from the ?inside out? through intimacy with Him.??Jesus Christ paid the highest price for us to live in a place of fullness in His Presence. God inspires us from the inside out to fulfill His heart desires.
Items Mentioned in this Podcast:?presence of God, inner life, intimacy with God, legalism, religiosity, the Holy Spirit, loving God, the greatest commandment, works, faith.
In this particlar episode,?you will learn:

  • How?God wants a living intimate relationship with us from the “inside out”
  • That legalism and religiosity is a dry place and a cursed place
  • How we can hear God one on One
  • The tough side of Jesus Christ, love?is not always easy?on us
  • We are temples of the Holy Spirit and God wants to dwell in us


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