OGM: 107 Habitations of His Presence Podcast

John Belt
John Belt

In this podcast learn?how God has created us to be habitations of His Presence. ?As those indwelt by the Presence of God we live as sons of God being “led by the Holy Spirit”, conscious of His Presence. It is not that we are not aware of our surroundings, but we are much more aware of His Presence and promptings.
Items Mentioned in this Podcast: God consciousness, breath of God, self-consciousness, treasure within us, living by inspiration, motivation.
In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • What motivates us
  • How we live by inspiration
  • To live conscious of God’s Presence
  • That you can live above shame, guilt, self short-comings and condemnation

Background music taken from “Waves Instrumental”
by John Belt

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