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Practical Keys for Spending One Hour in God's Presence

Spending An Hour in God’s Presence

Once I experienced the Presence of God I wanted to have that on a regular basis. I’m not exactly sure when and where it clicked that I needed to find a way to experience God daily.

I was saved at age 19 discovering I could experience God through worshipping Him. One of my favorite verses to this day is “God inhabits the praises of His people” (Psalm 22:3). For me this was a key and I used it all the time and still do today!

The key of worship works. I’ve put together many “flows” for my devotional times, tried many ways to connect with His Presence. Here is one that is a really good “jump starter” for your day if you are trying to figure this out. 

Keep in mind this is for one hour. It is more of a balanced diet – 20/20/20 approach!

This works well when you have just limited time. You can also increase or decrease the time to fit your schedule. This just serves to help get your spiritual engine running for the day.

1. Spend 20 Minutes in Worship & Prayer

What you want to do here is just engage with God. If you are a musician use your instrument, keyboard or guitar (maybe other), and “vocalize” your worship. Don’ t be quiet but vocalize – not necessarily loud but vocal. Spend quality time praising God.

I’ve created an abundance of instrumentals just for your worship and prayer times. These help create a backdrop for you to connect with the Lord.

If you pray in tongues do that as well. Engage your spirit with the Holy Spirit. During this time, toward the end, hear what may be “one word” that God is speaking to you. 

2. Spend 20 Minutes Meditating on the One Word

Take that one word God speaks to you and find scriptures that will give definition to the word, confirm or expand on it.  Do a little mini-study of that word or words through cross-references and other tools. 

Download a Bible App if you haven’t already. I like to use Olive Tree Bible App. You can load this on multiple devices with one account. Many others are available as well. Find what works for you.

3. 20 Minutes Getting Creative

At this point you’ve had a nice worship and study time.  Here you can take it to another level and stretch yourself a bit. Writing down your thoughts is a great thing to do.  Write a few paragraphs or more on what God is showing to you about the word you received.  As well, if you are musically inclined, you can write a song of worship on what God has shown you. The Word of God in song is powerful.  Melodies really help seal revelation in your heart. 

Recently I’ve written a book called “The Secret to Experiencing God’s Presence”.  It could also be title “your secret” because there are many factors that come into play when people have difficulty experiencing God.  In this book I outline many scenarios and give practical steps to help you grow in your experience with God.  

In addition, I’ve created a multitude of instrumentals over the years because I’ve found that they really work in creating an atmosphere for prayer in His Presence.  You are not being led by words but the instrumentals create a canvas that you can create your experience on in a different way each time you seek the Lord. Great testimonies on how these have helped others. 

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