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John & Brandi Belt
John & Brandi Belt

You can shift any atmosphere because you carry God in you. Join John and Brandi Belt as they share tips on shifting your atmosphere.

The Transcription

You know, one of the biggest things God has really been speaking to us recently is the importance of knowing how to shift your atmosphere. You know, you are called to flourish in the midst of the season, not fall under the weight and the gravity of kind of the reality of the world, but to really flourish right in the midst of everything going on. So we just want to spend a couple of minutes tonight, connecting with you, and hopefully helping you get some tools to really help know how to walk in the atmosphere of heaven, right, where you are in what you’re going through.

Yeah, God is all for us, guys. I mean, he’s on our side, so we don’t have anything to fear. And he’s gonna work everything for the good, you know, we just want to release words of comfort to you, and any questions you have in the season that, you know, that’s why he’s got, and we’re not, and we, when we don’t understand and we can’t connect the dots. It’s so that will trust in Him definitely does not give us every answer, you know, he does not give us every dollar, he doesn’t give us everything. You know, if we knew everything, we wouldn’t need him, you know, so he always makes it so that we’re trusting in Him and dependent on him. And that’s what he wants out of this.

Most definitely. But one of the big keys that will help you actually begin to experience the atmosphere of heaven, right here in the midst of everything going on, is to stop the negative cycle around you. You know, I found myself recently, setting a timer on my phone so that way, it would automatically turn off some news apps, after I’d spent so much time on it a day because I realized I was letting myself get bombarded with just this constant cycle. And what I noticed is that oftentimes, it’s really the same thing, regurgitated different ways. Yes, there are occasionally updates that you might need, maybe something specific about your location, but in reality, not much of it is actually changing and affecting you. And outside of you being willing to stand in the gap in prayer, it’s really just creates almost a heaviness and an oppression. Right? If you let yourself sit under it. Yeah, there’s always news, you know, and you got to understand that the media is entertainment. They run on that they have to have news to keep going. So don’t get caught up and checking the news all the time, where it makes you emotional, emotionally, you know, you just need to take it with a grain of salt, you know, because you trust the Lord, he has the good news. And he knows what’s really going on. Everybody else is trying and guessing their way through it, you know, but he knows we know the one he knows. And so we just need to lean into him and spend more time with Him in prayer.

Yeah, and so even a good way to check that for yourself is, you know, if you feel like you can’t break through, and just really experiencing the presence and the atmosphere of heaven, you know, spend, you know, an honest couple of minutes evaluating and saying, Wow, am I spending more time each day reading the news? And kind of following on social media? What’s going on? Or am I spending equal, if not more time, in the Word of God and prayer, really trying to build myself up? Because, guys, it’s so easy to get caught under that even you know, we all probably have well, meaning family members or friends who love us enough to call us around the clock to make sure nothing has changed in the last hour. You know what even relationships like that sometimes it’s okay to put a pause and say, you know, I appreciate your concern and your love. But right now, when I connect with you, it actually brings me down and gets me discouraged instead of filling me with faith that God’s going to do something amazing in this time. Right? Right.

That’s right. You have to draw some boundaries. Sometimes. You have to create your own atmosphere and you know, your limits. And you know, what you need to do in order to create the right atmosphere in your home and with your family and things like that. And so it’s important that you take time to figure that out and stop and think about it like, Okay, this is enough of this kind of communication. I don’t need any more this, you know, just put a limit on it and just make sure that you’re creating the atmosphere of heaven, in your life. You know, what are you sowing into your life? Definitely. Are you hearing his words? Are you hearing His truth? Is faith being built up in you? Are you worshiping the Lord? Is your worship level high or is it low? Yeah. Be honest with yourself and say, oh, I need to spend more time just worshiping the Lord because He inhabits the praises of his name, believe habits us and so be inhabited by God.

That’s the best place to be definitely another great key when you’re trying to create the atmosphere of Heaven is the gift of tongues. You know if you have the gift of tongues, it is A wonderful gift that helps you build yourself up in your most holy faith. Paul even says, I, thank God, I pray in tongues more than all of you. And so it’s really critical that if you have the gift that you use it and that you’re practicing it, and if you don’t ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of tongues, ask him for a fresh baptism. You know, in Acts two, when the Holy Spirit’s poured out, the gift of tongues is there. And then later on, throughout the New Testament, you see over and over where people are receiving salvation through the repentance of sins, and then someone comes along and gets them filled with the Holy Ghost, and tongues usually follows. So again, it’s really important that you’re using the gift and building yourself up, because it supersedes your natural mind, right? I mean, it doesn’t get filtered through what you think or understand or know, it simply connects your spirit to God.

And sometimes I will just turn on some soaking music. And this is why I love instrumental so much. And that’s why I’ve done so many instrumentals, I’ve done probably 30 Plus instrumentals that are non stop music that just creates this atmosphere where you just pray in the Spirit on top of it. And I do that a lot, I’ll just turn on some instrumental music and just praying the Spirit on top of it. It just takes you higher, you know, you can worship you can sing in the Spirit, you can read the Word of God. But music helps create an atmosphere. And especially if you have anointed music, and I’ve really sought the Lord that the music that I create would be anointed by the Spirit. So it would be a blessing, not only to my life, but yours, too. And so we’re also going to offer some free music are still working on that figuring it out. But yeah, I just need to send her a download link. It’s about that complex.

So anyway. But anyway, you create the atmosphere and just praying the spirit of worship, get in the Word of God, you know, and just find something in the word that really speaks to your heart. You know, sometimes it’s not the book of Numbers. It’s not going to work. But it could be it could be, it could be somehow. But then open up a psalm or open up a proverb, maybe you need some wisdom, you know, I don’t know. But whatever it is, wherever you are, there is a word in the Word of God for you. Yeah, you know, so go to the Word and just create the atmosphere, and use some music in the background.

And yesterday, as I was getting up, I’m a pretty morning, early morning person, and I was making coffee and just enjoying my time and spending some time with God. But all of a sudden, as I was making coffee, I felt this overwhelming, need to express gratitude to God, and really thank him for all he’s done. And I was just thanking him that we were healthy as a family and I was healthy and thanking him, we still had enough coffee that I didn’t have to go to the store and that I knew how to make coffee, because all the coffee places are shot. Yeah. And so before, all of that is just to say, you know, spend some time thinking God, and one of the keys that I’ve found is the more I thank God and really express the gratitude I have, it actually brings to mind and helps me to remember the faithfulness and goodness of God. You know, all through the Old Testament, you’ll see where God says, build an altar of remembrance. And it’s when you remember those times of the faithfulness of God, it builds your faith, to say, wait a minute, God got me through everything, I have absolutely no need to worry in this situation, because he’s already got me through so many things. I can fully trust his character and nature, take me through this.

And many times, you can go back to an encounter that you’ve had with God in the past and experience that you didn’t have where you experienced His faithfulness or a breakthrough, or a promise came true. And you can meditate on that. And you experienced that same anointing, you experienced that same presence. In the moment more you meditate on that, the more you begin to go back into that place and experience that break through again, and you can relive that. And it says in Philippians, 481 of my favorite verses, it says think on these things, whatever is pure and holy and honest, just a good report, if there’s a virtue or any praise, think on these things. And I want to it’s as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he and so just make sure you’re meditating on the things of God and the good things that he’s done for you in your life. And thank him for that. You have so much to thank him for. Thank him for thank him for life. Thank him for your family. Thank him. There’s so many different things we can thank him for you can always find something to give God and don’t get caught up in the cares of tomorrow.

Go ahead and express your gratitude to God today for what you do have, you know, maybe you’re in a season of unemployment or you know, the economy has somewhat collapsed here in the United States and other parts of the world but you know, don’t be concerned about how am I going to pay something next week or next month? Or how am I going to, you know, figure out the things coming. Let God Take care of those. I’m not saying be a foolish and don’t do what you need to do. But spend time thinking about today God, I still have a roof over my head God, I still have food to eat, thank you I have an outfit I go on an interview and you know, whatever it is just begin to thank God for where you are. Because it really does shift your perspective on what he’s capable of doing and how much he really loves you.

And you’ve heard this trite little phrase called attitude is everything. Attitude determines your altitude, but it is true. If you have a good attitude, your altitude will come up. You will experience more of God as you meditate on the things of God and have a good attitude and just do the things that he says to do. You know, it’s not about doing it’s about being but he has he has given us keys to help us to live in higher place. So implement those keys today.

Yeah, but we would just love to pray for you tonight. We want to pray that the atmosphere that you live in and are surrounded by as the atmosphere of heaven. So Lord, we just thank you right now for every person watching every person listening, Lord, we thank you. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world, Lord, that you want to invade their circumstance. You want to invade the very room, the very car, the very place that they are, Lord, that you want people, every single person watching, learn to experience you on a personal tangible level, and live out of your presence. God live out of encounters with you. And so learn we just agree right now, for a fresh opening of the heavens, Lord, just a fresh release of your spirit guide not just an opening of the heavens above, but it’s in us God that the Spirit begins pouring out of us and shifting the atmosphere around us. And so will there be just thank you for encouraging your people in the midst of everything going on us.

Thank you, Father, we just thank you for refreshment of the Holy Spirit Lord is being poured out on the lives the grace of God being released that your grace is sufficient in this time, Lord, we thank you for the peace of God that passes all understanding, guarding their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, we thank you for breakthrough. We thank You, Lord, that you help them. harness their thoughts to take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ. Just like your Word says, Lord, that your people do think on the things that are pleasing to You, Lord, that they make a choice a right choice, Lord after the things of the Spirit. Lord, we bless you for it. In the name of Jesus nearby said amen.

Amen. So be blessed. Leave a comment let us know how we can be in prayer agreeing with you during this season. You are not only going to survive this but you’re going to flourish through it and you’re going to see breakthrough on the other side.

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