Soaking Prayer

Soaking prayer is a little different approach to praying for people than what could be traditionally understood. Usually in this type of prayer there is the person being prayed for, as well as the people praying for that person. There could be a specific need or no specific need at all. One of the foundational attributes of soaking prayer is that the person being prayed for is being saturated with God’s Presence. God’s Presence is being released through the praying people. It goes hand in hand with the Body of Christ loving one another and praying for one another.

If someone is in need of some type of physical healing or has a desire to experience God’s Presence, soaking prayer is a great way to help that person. With soaking prayer, the people praying for the person would not simply pray one prayer and walk away.

A Different Way of Doing Things

The approach would be one of giving time for the Holy Spirit to touch the person, not being in a rush. Without question, this is only one approach to praying for people. Sometimes it does only take one prayer, God answers and the need has been met. Other times there is the need to not rush the operation, but rather take time with soaking prayer, helping to engage the person in God’s Presence.

Soaking prayer is a very effective way to help a person experience God’s Presence, bringing healing and filling of the Holy Spirit. The Lord just likes to use the Body of Christ to help one another. Soaking people in God’s Presence is a way for this ministry to take place. It really embodies the idea of a “safe place” for people to receive in the Presence of God. God loves to bless us and loves to bless us with His Spirit through one another.

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