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John & Brandi Belt
John & Brandi Belt

Join John and Brandi Belt to hear revelation of the new thing God is doing.

The Transcription

John and Brandi Belt and we are excited to spend a couple of minutes tonight talking to you about the new season we are entering and we’ve really entered it. It’s just kind of blossoming and blooming. But you know, right now we’re entering a time when God is doing something new. You know, John likes to say God’s recreating the wheel. Sometimes you have the wheel, and you just make it better. And sometimes you throw the entire wheel away and you recreate and build something new.

That’s right in the Lord has been speaking to me about how this is not the season to say, why recreate the wheel? No, this is the season to say, recreate the wheel. This is the opportunity right now we’re in this window of time where God is doing a fresh thing. We’re moving into a new season. And it’s it’s it’s hard to completely understand it. But it’s like we’re crossing over into a new era is what some people have said, and I really believe that we’re crossing over into something new. God’s been speaking a lot of prophetic words, in a video we tried to do last night. And we got cut off in the middle of it. But I was talking about Bob Jones and how he had released a word of prophecy, probably about a decade ago, something like that. And it was about the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. And he said, When the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl revival is going to break out. And so I believe everything that’s been happening really has been the enemy pushing back, trying to keep that from happening. And God’s gonna break through in such a huge way. Because I know that the beginning of the year, will you just full faith and expectancy 2020 You know, that’s gonna be amazing year and then all this stuff starts happening is like, this is crazy. This is a crazy year. But it’s because God is getting ready to break out. Yeah, he’s getting ready to break through and such a huge way. And it’s going to be global revival. And so what we want to do is encourage you guys to really stir your hearts in prayer, really engage with the Lord in prayer, this is the time to really engage with God, you have extra time, some of you have extra time. A lot of us, you know, and so it’s a great time to press in to the Lord, you know, in seek His face, you know, he’s going to show himself strong on our behalf because that’s a promise.

Yeah, and just like we have finished Passover, and some people will say it feels almost as though it’s a literal Passover, as there’s, you know, pandemic running rampant, if you will. But the reality is we’re believing we’re 31 days away from Pentecost, which is May 31. This year, and we’re believing the same way it felt somewhat like a literal pass over, we’re going to have literal Pentecost, you know, in Acts one, when Jesus is talking to His disciples, He tells them to go and wait on the Holy Spirit until they have power. And then to go and witness, you know, and I’ve been really stirring on that, and meditating on that. And what I find so fascinating is that when Pentecost happened, everything shifted. Yes, everything shifted.

I was just gonna say that I heard an interesting word from a friend of mine, James gall. I worked for James for five years, back in Nashville, Tennessee, a long time ago, about 20 years ago. But when I worked for James, you know, he just be he was so amazing, you know, and he is such an amazing man. But he had a word which I had not even considered. He said that this Passover that we had is the first time since the time in Egypt, where those people were basically in lockdown. Yeah. And that this is the first lockdown we’ve had since that time. I thought that was just an amazing thing. I thought, Okay, this, this is why people have been saying this is an authentic Passover this year. I think Chuck Pierce was prophesying about that. And so I can see that. But now I expect a real authentic Pentecost to be poured out as well on the on the day of Pentecost. So I’m really excited about that.

Yeah. And God’s really been reminding me even of Noah. You know, when God told Noah to build the ark, Noah had no frame of reference for a flood coming. He didn’t even have a frame of reference for rain. Because at that time, during the time that it was building the ark, up until then, the earth water itself. And it’s like, I believe even this Pentecost, it’s like God said to the disciples, Jesus was speaking to them saying, you know, you’re going to receive power from on high and you’re going to be a witness. And, and they, I’m sure they thought they knew what it would look like. Right? But it totally was outside of any box and a realm of, of natural expectation. And no, it was the same way and over and over as you study the patriarchs and matriarchs of faith. You know, God doesn’t always do it the way you’re expecting it. And I’m believing Pentecost. We’re going to hit like a portal is the only word I know how to say. Like, we’re just going to receive something we’re going to encounter something. We’re going to connect with something in a way that maybe we thought we understood what it was. But we have not seen anything yet.

Yeah, I think it’s so important for us to realize how much we need the power of God because people need a living encounter with Jesus. They don’t need information. They don’t need regurgitation of information, they need an encounter with God. And the only way that we can really give that to him is by the power and the presence of God. And and I think sometimes we think of how people have abused the power and all this kind of stuff. Well, you need to forget that. Yeah, unless you live by the power of God. Scripture says, You have to have the power of God, we’re dependent upon his power if we’re not living by His power, whose power are we living by our own? You know, so we need the power of God today, you know, so we need a Pentecost a fresh fire of His Spirit and revival to break out.

And we’re believing for crazy miracles right now. I mean, we’re believing that during worship, people that have prosthetic limbs are going to start just worshipping and screaming, because all of a sudden their prosthetic leg became a real leg, you know, we’re believing we’re gonna pull apart Siamese twins, and their body parts are going to be recreated. And they’re going to be two different people. You know, I was even reminded even I don’t know about a year, a little less than a year ago, I had a phone call from a woman who called me it was kind of late at night. And she just said, you know, she knew of a young man that had passed away. And she asked if I would come and pray resurrection, and we’ve seen one resurrection. And I’m like, Yeah, let’s go see it. But as she’s ending the phone calls, she said, By the way, he could be cremated before you get here. I was like, wait, I’m so sorry. Could you? Could you repeat that for me, please. But here’s the deal, guys. We came from the dust tribe. And I reached out to a mentor at the time, I said, could you tell me if your scripture for this? And she said, there’s definitely scripture for it, go for it and sounds like Yeah, but Can you guys imagine that we are so full of that same spirit, that raise Jesus Christ from the dead. You know, when you study the Scriptures, never once did Jesus speak to a situation and it not transform. Never once every single time, there was notable, remarkable immediate change. And that is what God has paid a price that we get to walk in Amen. And so we’re believing this Pentecost, that we’re going to be endued with a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, like we’ve never known, and walking in that same power, so we can be witnesses to the entire world around us. Amen.

You know, it’s not just so we get goosebumps. But we get to go and witness and tell people about this amazing Jesus, who gave it all because God wants relationship with a man in the First John, chapter four says that God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a power and love and a sound mind. And so don’t let fear bind you. Don’t let fear keep you afraid, and all this kind of stuff. I’m not saying that. Not walk in wisdom, you know where you are. But at the same time, believe God for a supernatural inducement, a power that you have the answer. For people out there, there are people just frozen in fear. And they need someone to come with the fire of the Holy Spirit and melt that fear away. And that’s you, that’s for sure. That’s you? Well, we would love to pray for you tonight, that God would just give you greater expectation and really stir your feet for the season we’re in. And that he would also give you the ability to kind of quiet down and really seek him in this time. Because the way you’ve done things in the past are not going to get you to where God’s calling you and your future. I try, pray.

Father, we just thank you for your people. We just thank you for breaking through in their lives. Father, we thank You that they have no fears. They were totally fearless Lord, and you give them boldness, because the righteous are bold as alive. We just thank you for the boldness of your spirit, filling us Lord, the reality of your presence, filling us father with for when you fill us we we know your reality. We know your presence, and we know that nothing can harm us. We just thank you for the power that we have in Jesus name or the authority that you’ve given us, Lord over snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, nothing shall by any means harm us, Lord, because we walk in your presence, we walk in your power. We just thank you for your grace for your people. Right now. By the way, this release anointing that just breaks the yoke of fear breaks the yoke of bondage, Lord, we thank you for fresh faith. In this season. In the name of Jesus, I just thank You, Father, for the spirit of prayer being released on your people right now or they you just awaken your people. Awaken Your people in the name of Jesus, Lord, to walk in such a realm of faith and power in your glory, Lord Jesus and that you just give them an intoxication in your presence in the name of Jesus or that they would drink deeply from the wells of salvation with joy. I should drink from the wells of salvation. We thank You, Father, for the presence of God just overflowing our hearts in the name of Jesus Father, and we also thank you, Lord Jesus, that you give your people blueprints and plans for recreation, for recreating your lives in your presence Lord, that father in the previous season was an Ishmael. This is a new season for an Isaac yeah in the presence of God Lord Jesus that’s not after the flesh, but after the Spirit we just thank you for the new thing that will spring forth and you say see this no it it’s gonna happen. Yeah, it shall happen in Jesus name.

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