Unleashing The Power Of Spiritual Warfare Prayers

In the physical world, a victory on a battlefield is dependant upon communication. An army must have constant connection with leaders and other soldiers. Victory is dependant upon planning and strategy. Of course, this is all done in the physical realm. Spiritual warfare is an entirely different story. In order to go into battle one must first understand what Spiritual warfare and Spiritual warfare prayers actually mean.

If you ask the average person about Spiritual warfare they will dismiss it as religious mumbo jumbo, but it does exist and is prevalent everywhere in the world.

Religion in itself is an uncomfortable subject for most people to discuss. Bring Spiritual warfare into the mix and they will run away in droves. Some of those that do believe in God are afraid to discuss Spiritual warfare, as they fear vengeance from satin, demonic and evil forces. These people believe that drawing attention to evil only gives it more power.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, Daniel, the book of Revelation and the Acts of the Apostles are just some of the books of the bible that talk about demons. The epistles of St. Paul talk about Christ’s conquest over evil kingdoms and the powers that those kingdoms had. The book of Matthew talks about the defeat of the devil in heaven as one of the major wills of God. This is one of the many teachings that Jesus Christ taught his disciples. When Luke talked about Spiritual warfare, he advised those that would listen to sell their cloaks and buy a sword. In the Book of Revelation, Christ is triumphant in the casting down of Satan and the demonic forces are bound for eternity. One of the clearest examples of Spiritual warfare can be found in the book of Daniel. For three weeks, Daniel the prophet prayed and fasted trying to understand what God had in store for him. All he wanted was a message. An angel came to Daniel and told him that Archangel Michael had been sent from God to overpower the prince of Persia. This is what Daniel had been praying for in the first place. The prince of Persia had been confronting Daniel for 21 days. God sent Archangel Michael into battle against the prince enabling the angel to send a message to Daniel.

So how does someone embark on a Spiritual battle and help win the war against satin and demonic forces. Spiritual warfare prayers are the answer. God asks that we pray everyday. This enforces the good in mankind and helps spread love and understanding. Satin hates prayer. Intercession prayers are usually Spiritual warfare prayers. This means praying to Gods will and the will of others and not for ones own good. The Lords Prayer is one of the most powerful Spiritual warfare prayers.

There are hundreds if not thousands of Spiritual warfare prayers that can be used to battle against the forces of evil. Being cleansed, holy and pure in the presence of the Lord are the first steps that need to be taken to wield the shield against satin.

Most of us believe that prayer only touches God and in order to be holy it is best to be quiet and still, but the Bible tells us that fiery prayer will release the power of God and add ammunition to aid in the battle of Spiritual warfare.

In order to embark on the path of righteousness it is important to utilize Spiritual warfare to battle against the forces of evil. Prayer is a powerful tool and when used properly darkness does not have a chance.

Following are prayers that can be used in Spiritual warfare;

In Jesus name, I shower myself with the blood of Jesus. I ask that the Archangels protect me as I enter. In Jesus name, I command each and every demon that has followed me, was transferred to me or sent to me to leave me now. Prayers like this can be used when shopping, leaving work or entering any place that is not holy.

Using Spiritual Warfare prayers helps us fight the battle against evil. It is so important to surround yourself with love, light and the power of God. Only then can mankind be protected.

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