Command This Mountain

John Belt

The Spirit is emphasizing our need to decree and “command” things to be removed, changed, gone, and brought to life in this season.  There is a fresh emphasis on this …

Possessing an Excellent Spirit

John Belt

God desires us to grow into maturity.  How does that work?  Does it happen automatically.  There are some areas of our lives where we have grown, and then other areas …

Blowing the Trumpet of Revival

John Belt

We are now entering into a fresh wind of revival where God is marking His people to be instruments of His glory. The trumpet is being sounded clearly and without …

Jesus & The Spirit

John Belt

We can find many patterns in scripture to show us how to access God’s glory and grow into all He has for us. We can also find spiritual laws to …

The Unusual Life of Jesus

John Belt

Does your life seem usual? As believers we are called to what is unusual. We are even referred to as a “peculiar people”. God has unusual plans for us.   We …

Translated Into the Kingdom of Light

John Belt

Salvation seems like such a common and foundational subject – because it is! At the same time it is an incredibly deep study. We needed rescued from the dominion of …

Spiritual Mothers & Fathers

Brandi Belt

Are the people you are following laying down their life as an example you want to follow? Are you taking the time to sow into the growth of those around …

Overview of Salvation

John Belt

God has given us the amazing gift of salvation! As believers it is essential for us to understand salvation. Why do we need it?  What is it? These are questions …

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

John Belt

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is so essential for our walk with God and it’s been a long time since I’ve heard anyone talk about this subject. Ever since …

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