Opening Up Widespread Revelation

John Belt

The other day I was hearing the words “widespread revelation” – even in how that correlates with open heaven, revival and breakthrough. Now the boy Samuel ministered to the LORD …

How to Receive the Gifts of God

John Belt

Raising the Value Everyday we are filled with opportunities to add value or kill it.  In particular this applies to people.  Either we can build them up or we can …

The Power of Life Giving Rivers

John Belt

Rivers are symbolic of the Holy Spirit. We see that Jesus referred to the Spirit as “rivers of living water”.  What are some characteristics of a river? One of the main …

Discovering the Riches of His Glory

John Belt

Have you ever wondered what the riches of His glory actually is? We know it is God’s plan to fill the earth with His glory as the waters cover the …

How to Keep Prayer Burning in Your Heart

John Belt

It is so important to keep prayer burning in your heart. Prayer is how we abide in Christ, connect with God and see His Kingdom come & will done in …

Discovering the Power of Diligent Hands

John Belt

To be diligent takes some effort. Some things associated with diligence are faithfulness, work, persistence, believing and seeking God.  In it we find a key that helps unlock the blessings …

Our Engagement with God in Worship

John Belt

Your Voice Matters One of the keys that God has given us for spiritual breakthrough is the vocalizing of our worship in song. As we live A life of communion …

Make Room For the Holy Spirit

John Belt

Something Better for Us Did you know that God is jealous for you? He wants to be with you more than you want to be with Him. Looking into the …

Worship: The Language of Heaven

John Belt

Worship is the language of heaven as it is constant and will go on through eternity. It is such a vast subject.  There are so many different angles to look …

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