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Cancer Healed

January 2020

A gentleman with cancer who was in constant pain was completely healed, a woman with a withered hand was healed, a woman with blurry vision was healed, someone else with knee and feet problems was healed. A gentleman with Bell’s palsy had all the pain leave his face and full range of motion restored!

Kathleen Manges

Prophetic Breakthrough

June 29, 2018

After the Saturday evening service, Brandi spoke a word of knowledge that was also a prophetic word over me-she said she saw me holding a manuscript.  This encouraged me as a word of knowledge because I literally use a ‘manuscript’ (7-steps of Freedom packet from Dr Neil Anderson’s deliverance classic: The Bondage Breaker) when I meet w ladies to teach them how to repent from sins, so that they can ‘maintain’ and keep the healing God has for them.  But this was also a prophetic word for me because it is the desire of my heart to write out a short mini book documenting all the supernatural healing miracles that God has released into my body since 2014 when I began radical repentance of my own sins and the generational iniquities of my parents, grandparents, etc. God bless your ministry and I look forward to reading John’s book.

Kathleen Manges

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