The Blood of Jesus

John & Brandi Belt
John & Brandi Belt

One drop of the blood of Jesus changes everything. Join John and Brandi Belt as they share the importance of keeping a focus on the blood of the Lamb.

The Transcription

It’s Brandi and John Belt and we just want to spend a little bit of time tonight connecting with you on the blood of Jesus and just this amazing sacrifice that really we should be focusing on all year long. But even now, as we enter Holy Week, you know, this week is Palm Sunday, tomorrow. And then we’ve got Holy Week in the celebration of, of Easter next week. And it’s so important that we realize that Jesus is really the centrality of the gospel, you know, and the sacrifice that he gave his life so that we could have relationship. And so we just want to spend a little bit of time connecting with you all on that tonight.

Yeah, there’s such power in the blood of Jesus, and in the last couple of days have just been thinking about just how important it is. And so many times I don’t do this every day, but very often, I will just ask the Lord, just cover us in his blood and say, Lord, cover us, in your blood cover my family and your blood, give our kids and your blood covered this house and your blood. The blood of Jesus is holy, and it’s powerful. And it’s the very BLOOD OF GOD. Jesus, when He shed His blood, it wasn’t like normal human blood that had sin. In it, it was pure. It was, it was the perfect blood of Jesus, and that blood cleanses us. And that blood sets us free from every demonic oppression, that blood sets us free, and it heals us, you know, by his stripes, we are healed, he is wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, and by his stripes, we are healed. And there’s such power in the blood of Jesus. And we need to appropriate that every day.

Yeah, and even, you know, one of my favorite scriptures is they overcome by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony, you know, and you get to use that blood of the lamb in a way that helps you overcome so even all the obstacles you might be facing today. Really, it’s the blood of Jesus that will help you overcome them. It’s the blood of Jesus that will break you through into the places God has for you. And so it’s so important again, you know, I think a lot of times we are in the spirit filled, more charismatic church, and a lot of times people get very enamored with manifestations or prophetic gifting, or really all the gifts and, and the Holy Spirit and His move, and all those and all those things are great.

But sometimes in the midst of all of those we forget, Jesus is really the center in the blood of Jesus is so foundational for our lives is by the blood of Christ, that you were delivered from the power of darkness. You know, that’s how you came into the kingdom. And it’s what maintains you as well, you know, many people get saved by faith. And then they quit living by faith. But that faith is in the blood of Jesus, that faith is in his finished work. And what he did on the cross, it’s not on our works, you know, when I do say sometimes is people get saved by faith, and they live by works. And so we don’t want to do that we always want to trust in the blood of Jesus Christ, and it keeps us free. His blood is powerful enough, it keeps us free from sin. You know, whenever I’m attacked, and we all go through spiritual attack, you have to plead the blood of Jesus, you have to apply the blood to your doorposts of your heart. So the enemy cannot come in, you know, so we have that kind of protection in Christ.

Yeah, and one thing, you know, as we’re entering again, Holy Week, right now, it’s so critical to that you realize that, as Jesus was walking, you know, from Palm Sunday, if you will, to Easter, as he’s going on this road to, to Calvary, he picked up a lot of admirers along the way, you know, he had a lot of people that were shouting and excited because they were looking for a revolutionary. And yet Jesus is like, I’m not here, to take over all the systems in, in your government, and in the natural the way you’re expecting, I’m coming as this lamb Yes. To sacrifice my life, you know, and I’ve been thinking about that a lot. Because I really feel like a big thing that we’re seeing right now in the church and the body of Christ in the US and around the world. And we’re probably going to see even more over the next couple of months is this whole idea that there’s a difference between conversion and discipleship? Because I think a lot of us have had a salvation experience, where we love Jesus as our Savior, or get excited that maybe we have fire insurance for lack of a better term, but yet the whole idea of him paying the price to be the Lord of our life, and really being discipled and trained and raised into that. I think a lot of us have kind of lost sight of that.

I think it’s significant when you look at John the Baptist and he’s preaching the gospel, the king that Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand. That when Jesus comes on the scene, he says, Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. I think that says Significant that we need to understand who He is, He is the Lamb of God, he’s the lion of the tribe of Judah, but we can’t lose the sight, lose sight, that He is the Lamb of God, He takes away the sins of the world, you know, and understand that sacrifice that he made, and that he lived as an example to us, and we need to embrace that life of sacrifice as well. And just as He died on the cross for us is that we still have to have that same sacrificial heart, but we trust in the blood, and it’s the blood of Jesus that gets us through and makes us overcomers. He’s called you to overcome, right? He’s not called you to succumb. He’s called you to overcome. And we are overcomers by the blood of Jesus. Yes, we are. And I think it’s so good.

What you’re saying is he just sacrificed and so often, people will say, Well, I’m suffering for Christ, you know, scriptures clear, you’re called to suffer. The same way Christ’s suffering, overcome the same way he did. But a lot of people take that and they take the sufferings of Christ to mean, you know, maybe I’m poor, or maybe I’m sick or infirmed or, and the reality is, that’s not at all how Jesus suffered. He was never sick, he was never poor. He was never disease. You know, he was never in lack. He suffered constantly in the area of love. And even when you see in the Garden of Gethsemane, and he’s sweating blood, you know, that blood right there. It’s like, it’s not that he’s afraid of what’s coming. It’s that he, I believe, it’s not that at all, I believe it’s like, he’s, he’s, he’s sweating blood, and just in such this emotional place of realizing, wow, I get to make this amazing sacrifice. I get to make this ultimate sacrifice, because you are worth it. And I’m worth it. And God’s looking at us saying, Listen, I have called you to suffer with Christ. And just like John’s talking about the lamb, you know, the lamb. It has no defense mechanism. It’s constantly going low. It’s constantly showing love, it’s constantly, you loyal, you know, it’s there. And I just feel like that’s, we really need to get back to the Lordship of Christ and really understanding that he is the example. And that sacrifice that he made is a great example that that we can do. And even here, as we’re home, you know, now’s a great time to practice, you know, practice doing dishes for your spouse, because you know how much they don’t love it right, or, or practice, you know, just doing something as an act of service. And as an act of sacrifice, just to show the love of God to the people around you. Even in the midst of where you are right now.

I think it’s so important as well, that we don’t treat the blood of Jesus as a common. So yeah, I can remember when I first got saved, and we had a Friday night Bible study, and at this Friday night Bible study every Friday night, where you would receive Communion. And I can remember my first year just receiving Communion, for about a year we did it. And then one night, the the guy who was in charge of it was one of my spiritual mentors, he came up to me said, John, I feel like you’re supposed to serve communion tonight. And I just broke. Because it was such a holy thing to me. I just broken, I wept. And I served it the best I could. But just to have that reverence in that all that this is the blood of Jesus, this is the blood of his sacrifice. And he had transformed my life at that point in time and still transforming it. I mean, that was a radical transformation for me at that point in time. And I realized that it was the blood of Jesus that transformed me and for me to serve, the blood of Christ was such an honor. I was just shocked by it in so it was just a wonderful experience. But we we just don’t want to treat as a common thing. So important that we realize how precious the blood of Jesus is in our lives and receive that.

And really, in some ways, it’s even a gift to be home right now. I mean, if you’re watching this, I’m assuming wherever you are around the world, you are probably sheltering in place. But even just as we’re entering, you know, Easter, and then even Passover along with it, that it’s just a great opportunity to spend more time really reflecting what is going on in this season. And not just what’s going on the natural and everything around you. But what’s really going on in the scripture, and what is God doing? And how can I really partner with him in that? Yeah. So it’s, it’s a great time, but we would love to pray for you. And we would love to just pray that God would draw you closer to him in the midst of everything going on that God would give you peace, but that also that God would begin to show himself as Lord of your life maybe in unexpected ways, and that he would begin to give you opportunities to serve and really go low and sacrifice to the people around you. Well, Father, we just thank you for your people. We thank you for the power of the blood of Christ or Jesus that were saved by faith in your blood and advice, Lord Jesus, and we continued Live by the grace of God, we continue to live by faith. We continue to trust in the blood of Jesus Father, we just thank you, for people recognizing and realizing how important the blood of Jesus is in their lives every day of their lives, Lord, and how it is not only protection, but it’s cleansing, it’s healing. It’s deliverance, it keeps us free. It keeps us in a place of communion with you. That’s why we call communion because it’s such an intimate thing. And so we just thank You, Father, that we treat the blood of Jesus as a very uncommon thing, as it is the most uncommon thing even and we thank You, Lord, for Your goodness and Your people. We thank you for healing released by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, Lord, we just plead the blood of Jesus of your people. Lord, we just asked for freedom and deliverance and joy. For those who are suffering, depression, we break off depression, by the power of the blood of Jesus, we break it off in Jesus name. For those of you who are having confusion, we break that off in the name of Jesus by the power of the blood of Jesus, we release peace, we released Joy released the love of God into your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit right now. Because the blood of Jesus has given us access to the very throne of God. Yeah, we can go through. Even as Jesus was a forerunner, he went through the veil by his own blood, taking it into the Holy of Holies that we may follow through within us. And we just thank You, Lord, in the name of Jesus and your people experience your presence right now. Yes, we release the presence of the Holy Spirit. We release the presence of God, the anointing of your spirit right now that breaks the yoke of heaviness on people in the name of Jesus, that there’s no fear in love. There’s no fear in the Holy Spirit. There’s no fear and only fear we need is the fear of God and just your peace, Lord, and that ultimate trust in all that you’ve accomplished force through your cross. Thank you, Father, for your goodness, in your today manifested, everybody said amen.

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