The Path Into His Presence: Part Two

John Belt
John Belt

Our Intimacy with God

I pray for our family that Jesus would truly the Lord of our lives. Many people know Him as Savior, but they don’t know him as Lord. They don’t follow him with a life of obedience – even using the grace of God as a ticket to sin.

The problem is that some just don’t understand the power of intimacy. They don’t understand the power of the relationship. It’s one thing to just talk to Jesus. It’s another thing to listen to Him, commune and have that fellowship. It’s a divine fellowship that God calls us to, rather than just an intellectual engagement. It’s not about gathering a bunch of information. Okay… it’s good to have a library. It’s great to have a library. It’s great to understand the Word of God, but the Pharisees and the religious leaders in Jesus day knew the scriptures. They knew it inside out, but they did not recognize Jesus. When he came, they did not recognize him. They totally missed it.

The Longing of Jesus

Matthew 23:37
“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!”

He longed for the people of Jerusalem “as a hen with her chicks” – even with the religious leaders in that time.  He was telling them, “I want to be your friend. I wanted to know you”, but they didn’t understand that. They didn’t comprehend that because they were living by a list. They were living by rules. They had created as superficial religious way of living. In the same way Jesus still longs to spend time with all of us.  

What the religious and zealous leaders had wasn’t the real deal. And so God wants us to have the real deal. He doesn’t want us to have a garment that looks religious.

God wants us to know him and have that intimacy with Him – even to be clothed in His glory, clothed in His Presence and to be filled with His Holy Spirit.  

It is special to be able to say “Lord Jesus Christ”.  Because when you make Him Lord everything changes.  Do that – welcoming His Spirit to come fill you to the full!

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4 thoughts on “The Path Into His Presence: Part Two”

  1. Intimacy is where it’s at, also spending time with the LORD, just waiting silently to allow Him to speak to you, not always asking for Him to do something for you. In the waiting in His Presence He changes us without us even knowing it. When we allow Him to change us, than everything else will fall into place. To me the Fruit of the Spirit, which I, consider to be the character of Christ, is so much more important to have flowing in, through and out of us. Because than the Gifts of the Spirit will come naturally as they should. We will not care about anything other then to bring glory to God’s name. We will not be interested in what’s in it for me or look at me I have this gift or that gift. Because when the Fruit of the Spirit is working in a person everything else will be the way God has always intended it to be. His name was always to be glorified not a man’s name.

  2. Many believers do not know how to get into the Presence of the Lord or how to hear His voice. It seems as though we are constantly being told “what” to do, but not “how” to do it. How does one even begin to get into His Presence or hear His voice whether someone is a first time believer or a believer who came to the Lord years ago?

  3. I celebrate God in the life of His servant JohnBelt for the constant life transforming words I’ve been a blessing via this platform cause most of his teachings have helped me alots to grow and know more great deal of things spiritually, which has also influenced other aspects of my life as a believer.

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