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The Prophetic & Hearing God

The prophetic is foundational to our lives as Christians, but what is the prophetic? 

In simplest terms, the prophetic is the foundational element in the life of a Christian where we actually hear God. In the Old Testament, Moses stated, “Oh! That all God’s people would be prophets!”. This is what God has desired from the very beginning. So it was with Enoch, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, David and the list goes on and on. In the New Testament Jesus said that the least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than John the Baptist, a prophet. This also connects with the passage where Jesus states that “My sheep HEAR my voice.” If we do not walk in a life that is so connected with the Lord that we hear His voice, then our walk is superficial. Because our life is to be all about communion and connectivity with God. If we are connected with Him, abiding in Him, then we will hear His voice – thus be prophetic.

Prophetic is a word that some think is out there or strange. But it is to be the most common element of Christian life. It is the foundation for your confidence in Christ, to be prophetic or hear God. The Lord does speak to us though each other as well. Thus we have prophetic words. That is one person speaking what they believe the Lord would say to another. But this is, in most cases, only to confirm what God has already spoken to an individual. This is also a powerful way to speak to unbeliever things only God would know about their lives, thus bringing conviction and revealing the reality of God. So don’t be afraid of “prophetic”. Just know that to be prophetic is to hear God. All who desire to know Him want to be a prophetic people. If you have ever heard the Lord direct you or speak you have experienced the prophetic.

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