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John & Brandi Belt
John & Brandi Belt

Join John and Brandi Belt to learn insights on hearing the voice of God.

The Transcription

Feels like a Monday. And it somewhat feels like a Monday because we have been at home, doing our best to social distance for a while now. And you might have heard that last night, President Trump encouraged those in the US to continue for another 30 days. And so, you know, sometimes you have an expectation for something different than what might be happening in the midst of reality. And so we’ve heard from a couple of people today, just that they have really had a hard time they were hoping and praying and believing that they would do the original 15 days and have gotten a little bit discouraged and in despair. And so I just want to talk to you for a couple of minutes tonight about the voice of God, you know, get into Psalm 29. It’s a great song. But it talks about the glory, and the Majesty in the voice of God, and that he causes, you know, things to come to life to birth. But then at the very end, it talks about God sitting above the flood. And it says he will give his people peace. And so tonight, we just want to spend a couple minutes talking about the voice of God and how that voice, you know, when everything around you seems like it’s going crazy, get the voice of God, get the heart of God, but hear the voice of God because it will settle everything, it will help bring peace, it will help bring rest. And you’ll have bring direction really, for where you are. And so we just want to spend a couple of minutes connecting with you tonight about that.

And the truth of the matter is, is Gee, Jesus said, My sheep, hear my voice, follow the so everyone knows him. Everyone who is a sheep, you hear His voice, if you’re his you hear His voice. And sometimes I think we get into an expectation of hearing so much from the Lord. And sometimes all we need to hear is what He wants us to hear. And that could be just one word. It could be just peace. Be still, yeah, that could be the word you need to hear. He could speak just one word to you. And that one word is transforming. And that’s all you need to hear at that moment. I think sometimes we feel like we have to have some big gigantic revelation or something like this and big scroll. And there are times that happens. But it’s not like that every time sometimes it’s just one word, one emphasis that the Holy Spirit wants to bring to you. And so God speaks to us in that way. And when we hear his voice like that is transforming is the voice of God speaking even inside of us, and sometimes we’re looking to heaven, do you hear from God, but the Holy Spirit is inside of us. And so he speaks right here, you know, and sometimes we have so much noise going on. And Lord knows there’s a whole lot of noise going on right now with everything that’s going on. So you have to make sure to silence that noise. silence the noise of the soul because your soul gets caught up in that. So you need to make sure that all that noise is silence. And that you can get to a place of just that peace in the presence of God and worship in and seek him and just spend time with him where you can just hear Him clearly for yourself.

Yeah, and it talks a lot about Jesus or God speaking as the still small voice, you know, he might not be coming to you a thundering and with lightnings it might just be a still small inner voice, speaking, peace speaking rest. You know, if nothing else, be encouraged that God uses all things for the good of those who love him. And he’s using the situation and the circumstances that you are going through today. For your good he’s not bringing them to you. The devil is the one that comes to kill, steal and destroy. But he is going to turn it all around because he has come to Renew Life. And not only life but abundant life, right. And so I really want to just encourage you as we’re in this time of kind of waiting, that you really are spending time with God on your own, that you’re hearing his voice for yourself, but also that you’re beginning to hear the voice of God for the future for kind of what’s next. That’s one thing that we’ve really been doing in our house the last couple of days or I know I have and and John has as well is just really seeking God and say God, would you speak to us clearly on what’s the next step? We feel like we’ve gotten some revelation kind of personally what that looks like and as a ministry, but even globally, you know, God what is how is this gonna play out next kind of what it what are you bringing to the body of Christ, and you can seek God for those things. And we’re gonna do our best to share those over the next couple of days. But even just seeking God for yourself and say, Okay, God, I’ve roughly got another 30 days probably self isolating at home. And so how can I spend that time to seek your face? How can I spend that time deepening my relationship with you? and really clarifying your voice in my own life. And clarifying what you want me to do when this whole thing is kind of lifted in one word it’s been coming to mind today, especially is will we recognize God in the form that he’s coming in right now.

So we sometimes we get in this pattern of how we hear from God, or this pattern of what we expect from God. And when he doesn’t come in that pattern, we completely miss him. And so we just won’t be sure that we recognize him. And I think you can see this picture when Jesus came, and the religious leaders of his day did not recognize him for who he was. And so sometimes he comes in a form. And then maybe you’re sitting there saying, you know, God’s not speaking to me. But I would challenge that, because he probably is speaking to you, you’re probably just not recognizing the form that he’s coming in. Sometimes he comes he speaks to you in a dream, sometimes he comes he speaks to you through somebody else. Sometimes he comes in so many different ways He speaks to us. In sometimes it can be that still small voice can be so subtle. But that’s that’s the idea. He’s trying to get you quiet. Yeah, in His presence, he has to get you into a place where your your soul is quiet in his presence, so that you can recognize the form that he’s coming in right now. So even with everything that’s going on right now, it’s it’s a test for many of you, it’s a test for all of us in the sense. Are we going to steal things? Are we going to be just like the world are we going to react to what is going on? Or are we going to respond is I’m going to respond by seeking God, I’m going to respond by spending more time in his presence. And in that place, when you silence the noise of your soul, he will come and speak to you. And just be careful, because sometimes they’ll just come and you’ll get a subtle thought or something like this. And you’ll just write it off. And you don’t think anything of it. But that is the form that God is coming in in that moment.

Yeah, and even just on a personal level, you know, I have had, I feel like kind of a wrestling within myself over the last couple of days and, and praise God, I’ve got a great husband who has been praying for me, but you know, it’s like we have been getting, or I have been getting just downloads of vision over the last couple of weeks, and even vision that I had before. All of this started and we were building now we are working toward that. And then all of a sudden, it’s like, wait a minute, the time I had to work on it. The freedom I had to go meet the people I needed to and do the things I need all of that, to some degree has just been put on pause. Right. And so just the last couple of days, I’ve been having a little bit of a hard time like God, what am I supposed to focus on? How am I supposed to do this? You know, and I’m a good Baptist girl at heart. So for me, you just get in the Word. When you need a word from God, you know, I just spent a lot of time in the Word. Or I’ll be like, Okay, God, I need a dream. Or I’ll be seeing God in a form that I’ve always had it but today, it actually clicked somewhat similar to what John’s saying is I was just spending some time with God and all of a sudden it clicked

Okay, Brandi, just where is the piece that I’m giving you on all these options? Where is my peace? Follow my peace. And so it was just just a great for me because it maybe wasn’t the way I normally hear from God. But it was still the word I needed. And I want to just encourage you, you know, even if you’re watching this right now, and you’re thinking yourself, Wow, I feel like maybe I missed God. Maybe I missed what he was trying to say. There is always grace. Yes, we need to all grow in our ability to hear God, everybody, whether you’re the world’s renowned Prophet, or you’ve been saved for an hour doesn’t matter. We all need to grow in hearing God’s voice. But don’t feel like you are disqualified, that you are dismissed that God has given up on you or anything like that. If you feel like you know, maybe God encouraged you to do something or spoke to you a certain way and you just didn’t get it. You know, now is not the time to beat yourself up. Yes, it is the time to really ask God to search your heart, but he knows when your heart is for him. He knows that you’re trying to follow Him and love Him and just be led by the Spirit. And so, you know, don’t let discouragement in the world and then just the atmosphere keep you from believing God wants to speak to you and use you no matter what your history looks like.

It’s important. I’m not sure what the passage is, but it says it’s an Isaiah says you shall be led forth with peace. And the mountains in the hills will break forth before you that we shall see joy and all the trees in the field well as you know, so there’s joy when you can find that place of Peace and God speaks to you. And the peace comes, and joy follows and there’s a rest. There’s a peace in that. In one word I remember it’s coming to me right now is what is the next step? Okay, what is the next step? You don’t need to know all the steps after that one step, you just need to know what the next step is. So what would that next step be for you? What is God saying? What’s the next thing? You don’t need to know everything, you just need to know what the next step is. And so focus in on that and say, Lord, what’s the next step? If that’s the place that you’re in, and he’ll show you what that next step is, for sure.

So let’s just pray for you tonight. Lord, we just thank You, Father, for just releasing your piece on your people. God, I thank you for just a clarity and a fine tuning of the ability to hear your voice and I lower that people are not bound by discouragement or oppression or depression of the day, Lord, but God, they are accurately clearly hearing your voice, God, your voice is peace. Your voice is rest. Your voice is encouragement, Lord, your voice is full of faith. And so Father, we just thank you tonight, God for just removing every hindrance, every even fear that you would have that you are not going to hear God the right way that you’re not going to understand God clearly. Or even that you’re going to be responsible for what you hear, we just break all the fear office right now in Jesus name. And God, we thank you for even refreshing to come to your people tonight, God, just a wave of refreshing on everyone listening to this.

And Father, we just say thank you, for your people. And I just want to speak to you can just say be faithful with what God has given to you, as he put your hand in in the season. And this time, just be faithful with that. Maybe it’s just prayer, maybe it’s just spending time as presence. Maybe it’s a specific task that God wants you to do. Maybe it’s just doing something helpful for your neighbor in some way, shape, or form. But just be faithful. Don’t devalue yourself, realize that what you have is valuable. And if God tells you to do it, then you need to do it. Because you’re his son, you’re his daughter, and what you’re doing is valuable, and when he causes you to lose important. And so just be faithful, in that small thing that God would have you to do and don’t be ashamed and don’t bury what God has given you. Fear causes us to shut down and not do anything. So don’t let fear shut you down. Realize that Jesus, you know, he wants you to have joy. He wants you to have peace and he wants you to take what little you have, and do something with it. So just be faithful with it. Yeah, definitely. Oh, we just bless your people. We thank you for the spirit of wisdom and revelations, open up their eyes, open up their ears or help them to see Lord Jesus exactly what you’re doing in their lives right now individually. And we thank you for that and the name Jesus.

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