Trump and Reagan: What I Saw


I’ve been sitting on these words for a while, not wanting to release them because of the political nature of them. From what I can recall, this is the first time I’ve received anything this significant in the political sphere regarding a president. With that I’ve grappled on whether to share it or not. I can remember years ago saying to the Lord, if all I do is deliver the words that you have given me then I’ve done my part. With that I’ve been very strongly impressed to share what I have been shown concerning the upcoming election.

Ronald Reagan Alive Again

In August of 2015, before any of the Republican debates had taken place, I had a dream where I saw that Ronald Reagan was alive and running again for office. I was very surprised to see this happening as in my mind he was obviously deceased. He was back, running for another term of the Presidency. I could feel hope and an anticipation of good things in my heart rise as I experienced this dream. Just a few days after the dream I discovered that Donald Trump was using the very same slogan that Ronald Reagan had used, “Make America Great Again!” and was surprised at the connection.

Trump: State of the Nation

A couple of weeks/months later I had a dream where I saw Donald Trump in an office with the American flag draped over his back. As I saw the image I heard the words “state of the nation”. I immediately understood this to mean that Donald Trump is a representation of the state our nation is currently in. As well, it looked as if he would be the next President of the United States. To elaborate on the “state of the nation”, there is a connection between a large portion of the nation concerning what is wanting to be heard and needing to be done concerning the big issues of America. In his simple message, Trump is hitting a chord in what he is saying that resonates with many people of this nation. I believe there is a positive and negative side to this. Regardless of the details, it is a chord he is striking on the issues that the majority of people want to hear and get done concerning our nation. As well, he is striking the chord of dissatisfaction in the extreme “political correctness” and the political apathetic passivity towards the deterioration of our nation.

A Flask of Anointing Oil

In this other dream I?was at a country club. Everyone was there to show their support for whatever candidate running for president. There was a table with voting paper and a flask of anointing oil next to it. At first I walked by it and I could feel that many there were not supportive of Trump so I went my way. Then I came back and it was a younger crowd. I took a piece of the paper and wrote on it, Looking forward to a fun ride for the next 4 years! Donald Trump 2016! Then poured the flask of anointing oil on top of his name written on the voting paper. There was a feeling of exhilaration with this as well as positive expectation with this “go for it” element to it. In this it seemed that Trump at some point was going to have an appeal for the younger generation.

The Trumpet Turnaround

The day before the Indiana primaries I had a vision of a shiny golden trumpet being turned around, ready to blow. At the time of the vision I had no idea what it was referring to but the next day Donald ?Trump? had a major ?turnaround? landslide victory in the state of Indiana that caused all other Republican candidates to drop from the race.

Personal Views

Some things I like about Donald Trump, some things I don’t but does it really matter? What does matter is whether God has chosen him to the be the next President of the USA. Again, just like many of you, there are areas I agree with him on and some areas I don’t. Do I think he is trying to hide some secret agenda? No, I do believe he sincerely wants to help America.

We don’t put our trust in man but maybe God has appointed him for this position for this time. Sometimes he says things he shouldn’t, puts his foot in his mouth, etc but that is what is attractive to many people. He is real, rude, imperfect, not trying to guard his words, and overshares his thoughts more than he should. The straight-forward kind of language is what causes many people to say “Finally, here is someone who is not trying to be politically correct”.

We have to remember someone can have all the right words and not be sincere. Donald Trump has no problem keeping it simple and straight to the point. Is he the man for this position? From what I’ve been shown I believe so. Whatever the case, if it is God’s plan we need to pray for the man. Another thought, Jesus had a harder time with “perfect people” and “religious people” than he did “tax collectors and sinners”. Those who were steeply ingrained in the religious political systems fought against Him and put Him to death. I’m not so sure that Trump falls into either of these categories.

God was able to use a donkey to speak to Balaam (Numbers 22:8). Do you think God might be able to use Donald Trump? God controls the hearts of, not only believers, but kings. (Proverbs 21:1) There are many things that can cause us to play the “neutral card” in this election, but God is not respecting that option. By not choosing, we have chosen. It seems that God is giving us an opportunity here. Just as many things He asks us to do, it can be offensive to the natural mind. Please note that I’m not saying Trump will be the next president, although he may be. We still need to go out, vote and support.

As you have now read this, pray about it. Don’t get upset, but seek the Lord and see if this might be true. We are quick to disqualify people, but maybe there is something the Lord sees that others don’t. His thoughts and ways are higher than ours.


Here is a video by Fox News that was just brought to my attention on 5-19-2016. “Here is a historian that is comparing Trump to Reagan… interesting.

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