The Unusual Life of Jesus

Does your life seem usual? As believers we are called to what is unusual. We are even referred to as a “peculiar people”. God has unusual plans for us.  

We must get outside of the typical matrix and pattern of this world. The world has a pattern that is very predictable. The devil is the god of this world – the god of these systems that lock people into the predictable, controlled and robotic pattern of living.  

God has something so much better for His people. God’s ways go against the flow of what is predictable, common, and accepted. It is a life that disrupts the predictable – even where we intentionally cause a disruption in the acceptable. 

Jesus lived in a disruptive way – it is part of why He was such an offense to those caught up in the matrix of religious thinking. Everything Jesus was and everything He did was disruptive to the religious system and to those living after the pattern of this world. Religious systems are patterned after the way the world does things. They ignorantly fall into the trap of the predictable – with the love of money being at the root of it. This is where you see so much people-pleasing rather than following after the heart of God. 

When studying revival history, you can also see this same religious pattern. God pours out His Spirit in significant and powerful ways, but it eventually diminishes into a predictable form of religion. Often times without realizing it, subtle distraction can make things predictable, without offense and cater to the desire of people. When that happens inoculation happens where it is devoid of the power of the Spirit. 

From the beginnings of Jesus’ life, we see how at a young age He caused the religious leaders to marvel at His wisdom. He worked as a carpenter for years – until age 30, when He was anointed and empowered by the Spirit to do that which was impossible in the natural. Jesus performed miracles with great signs and wonders. Everything about the life of Jesus was unusual. 

As believers we are called to the same unusual life. God does not call us to the predictable but that which is impossible. We must realize that we need a shift in our thinking – the works that Jesus did we will do also and greater works than these. When we are caught up in the matrix of religiosity we don’t have an expectation – faith for God to do the unexpected is not expected. We need to intentionally come into a place of faith and expectation.  

If you are born-again you are unusual. If you are a believer you are not like the world – nor should you act like those who don’t know God. As a new creation there should be a new expectation for God to do the unusual through your life. The seeds you sow today will be the harvest you reap tomorrow. As you begin sowing seeds of faith in your heart you will reap a harvest of unusual miracles and supernatural manifestations of heaven in and through your life. 

There is a world out there that is looking for the real, the tangible, and the power of God – whether they know it or not. This will take unusual people who carry the unusual power that is not common to earth but is normal in heaven. This is why we pray Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Here heaven on earth becomes more than a nice thought but a living reality where people are confronted with a choice, not because of persuasive words, but because of being exposed to the reality of God’s power.  

The intellect is the devil’s battleground. You cannot intellectually convince someone to come to Christ. It is only by the power of the Spirit, an encounter with God, that someone can no longer argue in their natural mind about the reality of God. This is why it is crucial for us to get desperate enough that we will seek the Lord UNTIL we are functioning from the unusual angle of His power and Presence – revealing Jesus in our spheres of influence. 

Seek the Lord for the unusual in your life.  Seek the Lord for His unusual demonstration of power through your life. Jesus is our standard. By settling for less we forsake the unusual best that God has in store for our lives.

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