Washed in God's Presence

John Belt
John Belt

There is no better feeling than being washed in God’s Presence. Did you know that there is a literal river in the Spirit that you can be washed in? What a blessing! I cannot imagine not being able to just get washed in His River at any time. It is the best experience. In Isaiah God says to come to the waters.

Isaiah 55:1
“Ho! Everyone who thirsts, Come to the waters; And you who have no money, Come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk Without money and without price.”

Did you know you can be washed in God’s Presence everyday? He actually, before the foundation of the world, created a river of living water for you. ?This river is for a purpose. It is for you and me. God does not need the river. We do!

God creates everything for a purpose. Without these rivers of living water flowing up from within us we are just a dry desert land with nothing to offer anyone. Jesus wants us to be the “light of the world”, but we have to be plugged into the source to be that light.

God wants us to splash His presence on every person. That only happens as we are filled having been to the source of living waters. This river is a happy river! We are to delight ourselves in the Lord… it is a river of delight!

Isaiah 12:3
“Therefore with joy you will draw water From the wells of salvation.”

So how do you drink from the rivers of living water? Good question. What I’ve learned to do is find a place on the floor, get a comfortable chair and can kick my legs up on and just put on some nice soaking music. I prefer instrumental. The reason is because I can create a new experience each time. Words can work but tend to guide you and become rather limiting in my experience in the context of devotional times.

You’re better off to create your own worship song, read the word, pray your prayer, pray in the spirit, decree your thing and just rest and receive the goodness of God in that place. Start with worshipping or praying in the spirit or both. Then allow the Spirit to direct the focus. Get your meditation focus at this point.

This helps to keep things new and fresh rather than hearing the same words over and over. That gets a little monotonous. Get some fresh air.

Try some anointed soaking music. Healing Waters Instrumental brings an atmosphere of peace, many have enjoyed this. Silence is good to when you have entered into the tangible presence of God. Music helps to take you there in most cases, then you can just rest in the quiet. God fill us all with that peace of Jesus. Get washed in God’s Presence today!


Washed in God’s Presence

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