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John Belt
John Belt

We need to actively welcome the Holy Spirit in our lives as believers in Jesus Christ. ?Jesus lived as a man completely dependent on the Holy Spirit as the Son of God. ?We too are sons of God living that same live of dependency upon the Presence and power of the Spirit.

Podcast for “Welcoming the Holy Spirit”

I want to talk today a little bit about the winds of the Holy Spirit and how important it is for us as temples of God to welcome the Holy Spirit to come and dwell in us. God comes by invitation. If we don’t invite Him to come sometimes He just won?t come. We can’t wait for a sovereign act of God to just come in our lives. As Christians, those who follow Christ, as believers we need to actively pursue the Holy Spirit and say ?Holy Spirit I welcome you! Come and fill my life. Fill me up in such a way that I can experience your presence. Jesus, He experienced the presence of God when He ministered.
We have the instance with the woman with the issue of blood and when she touched Jesus, the hem of His garment, just the hem of His garment. Jesus said that he felt virtue (power) flow out of Him. Jesus was keenly aware of the presence of God in His life. I?m sure all of us would love to live in that place of his presence where we can actually sense when His presence (power) leaves. David said, ?Do not take your Holy Spirit.? Create in me a clean heart O God do not take your Holy Spirit from me because he valued the presence of God more than anything else. He said there?s one thing that I desire and that will I seek that I may dwell in?the house of the Lord forever. God wants us to be a people of his presence.?A people that will say, ?Holy Spirit fill me up, come in and do what you want to?do. You know? Apart from God we really don?t have much influence and the earth.
Apart from Him, we are just simple vessels. That?s all we are without the Holy Spirit. We can do nothing and Jesus actually could do nothing apart from the Holy Spirit. He was a man who walked in dependency on the Holy Spirit, daily dependency on the Holy Spirit, so that he could perform the wonders so that he could perform the miracles and all these marvelous signs that people would believe on Him, that He is the Son of God. In the same way we have been grafted into his family and now we are sons of God. Now we are those who carry the presence of God out into the world so that people can experience the reality of God.
It?s one thing? you can argue with someone all day long that God is real but the bottom line is they need an encounter with God. If they don?t have an encounter with God they are not going to believe. Some people may be convinced intellectually but that?s only half the package. We have to believe. God wants us to experience Him in a real tangible way. I just want to encourage you today that you pursue God more than anything else. You put Him first more than anything else.
It says in the Bible seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. God doesn?t give us a half-baked package. He says, ?I will give you abundant life.? Jesus said, ?the thief comes to steal kill and destroy but I come to give you life and give it more abundantly.? (John 10:10) So allow Jesus to come and give you that abundant life through the Holy Spirit. And welcome Him for He is Christ in us the hope of glory, the Holy Spirit Himself . When He indwells us we find satisfaction, refreshing, we find an overflow of God?s presence in our lives. That?s what God has for us. That?s the best thing. You know the Holy Spirit is the deposit that He gives to us when we become born again believers. So I want to encourage you today to say, ?Holy Spirit you?re welcome in my life, come fill my life with your presence that others may know you as well? in Jesus name. Amen.
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