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Your Experience With God

What has been your experience with God? Is what you have experienced more associated with people that claim to represent Him? Have people tried to shove God down your throat? Have people emphasized what you need to do in order to make God happy? It is not hard to find people in christian religious circles that will put a guilt trip on you, condemn you before you even even had a chance to experience God.

For those who have chosen not to follow after God because of bad examples of what faith really looks like, apologies. This is an all to common case. But let me explain some things. It is not that the people who have turned you off to God have not ever experienced God or even not known Him. But in the beginning of people’s life with God, many come to know God in a very real way. They find the salvation experience having come to a place of faith, believing in God. But what happens is they then start to live by their own works in pleasing God. They forget what brought them to a place of faith.

You see, there is much more emphasis on “works” rather than grace. When a person has an experience with God it is because of Him drawing someone. Once He draws us into that place of believing and experience with Him, we are to continue to live in that place of experience with Him daily. But what most people end of doing is finding a list of things to do. Because of this, instead of attempting to bring people into an experience with God, they bring out the list of things that others need to do to make God happy with them. This is not what God desires. God’s desire is to have relationship with us.

God is all about the relationship. He is looking for people to enjoy Him. Take it from the angle of marriage. When someone finds the person of their dreams they are filled with wonder and excitement of the relationship. They tie the knot and go for a honeymoon. everything is fresh and wonderful.. It could not be better. But as time rolls on the two lose that wonder and excitement. Now, this is normal. It is human nature to fall into this place without God in the center. Even for those who would call themselves Christian, because of ignorance, bad habits learned and their own personal history of issues that have not been dealt with, they have problems just like those without Christ do. This is because of ignorance. It is the path that human nature takes without the freshness of experience with God.

Now, to my point, the wonderful thing about God, is that He is perfect. Some people would not take this as a positive because people are so imperfect. But the beautiful things about God is that He is full of grace, mercy and love. He knows that He is far better than us. For this very reason, He sent His Son Jesus to the cross. Jesus because the bridge between God and man. Jesus was perfect and died in place of us for what we deserved because of our sins. The entire goal for what Jesus did is to bring you and me into the place of relationship with God. Our sins separated us from Him. It is the finished work of the cross that restores us to Him experientially and it keeps us in that place of experiencing God. Why? It is not about us. It is not about our works. it is about His work.

God had this crazy idea. He decided that He would come and get inside of us. He knew that if things were going to change with us He was going to have to get on the inside. Now, because of jesus, the Holy Spirit of God comes to dwell within us experientially. It is not about information about God. It is about revelation of God, knowing Him through the presence of the Holy Spirit within us.

So if you have experience the rigidity of religious people who claim to represent the Lord Jesus, please understand that God is completely different. It is truth that makes us free. Jesus is the Truth. He is the Person we need to know. He wants you to know that He loves you. He does care. He is not rigid. He is pure love. It is He who comes to live inside. The change He makes is us is inside-out. Changing things on the exterior never works, because the substance that needs changed is in the heart, on the inside. He wants you to know Him, not what others say about Him. If you pursue to know Him, you will not be disappointed.

There is within you the very DNA of God. We are all created in the image of God, after His likeness. Until we connect with our origin, God Himself, we will never be satisfied. To discover Him in your life it is not difficult, but simple. Ask Jesus to come to you. Recognize your imperfect, sinful state, falling short of God’s perfection. Ask Him to wash and cleanse you of all sin, guilt and shame. Then ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Begin to read the Bible on your own time asking Him to give you understanding of the scriptures. Spend time in worship to Hm every day.

Please let us know that you have committed your life to Him. We will send you some resources to help you in your walk with God. He has great plans for your life.

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