Activating the Angels

John Belt
John Belt

What role do angels play in our walk with God? Jesus makes the most interesting statement to Nathanael saying that he would see the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man. What an amazing statement! Nathanael had just been awestruck when Jesus revealed that He had seen him under the fig tree supernaturally. (John 1:48-51) It was enough to convince Him that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. A door of faith was opened in Nathanael’s spirit, Jesus telling him that he would now be an eyewitness to the angelic activity of heaven. As it seems, Nathanael was now awakened to a new dimension in His walk with God.

It is significant to note that angelic activity was normal for Jesus. He knew it was needed. He expected it. There was no question about it. What level of glory Jesus must have walked in to have this heavenly activity in His life. Did Jesus have these transactions in His life simply because He was the Son of God or was it that He was God in the flesh living as a man dependent upon the resources of heaven? Jesus knew the power of sacrifice. (John 12:24) Jesus lived a life of sacrifice and devotion that opened the windows of heaven, releasing angels to minister with Him in the earth. What purpose would there be for angels to ascend and descend upon Jesus? They were needed to minister “alongside” with Jesus as He manifested heaven on earth…

Before Jesus began His earthly ministry we see Him being led by the Spirit to the wilderness in fasting and prayer for 40 days. (Matthew 4:1) At the end of His temptation in the wilderness the angels appeared to strengthen Him. (Matt. 4:11) After this He was launched in the power of the Spirit with a continual manifestation of heaven on earth. (Luke 4:14) The angels of God were bringing answers from heaven to earth because of His personal sacrifice. At one point His disciples tried to cast out a demon but could not. Jesus told them that this particular kind could only come out through fasting and prayer. (Mark 9:14-29) This statement implicitly indicates that Jesus had to also continue in this lifestyle of fasting and prayer to see people set free.

Just as the Holy Spirit is God inside of us and central to see God’s Kingdom advanced, the angels of God play the role of ministering along side of those who inherit salvation.

Hebrews 1:14
“Are not the angels all ministering spirits (servants) sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation?” (Amplified)

Are we conscious of the Spirit within us? Are we aware of the angels of God ministering along with us? How does fasting and prayer play a role? These two devotional elements in our lives are lethal to the enemy, explosive, being essential to the awakening of our spiritual senses and to the activating of angels. (Daniel 10:3,12-13) David tells us that prayer returned to his heart when he fasted. (Psalm 35:13) This tells us that it was more than words for David, but that the spirit of prayer was awakened within him. God’s Word is also awakened within us through this radical expression of devotion. As well, the angels of God are activated by the Word of God spoken in faith. (Psalm 103:20) Now more than ever we need to be awakened with bright eyes of faith not only to the Spirit within us but that the angels of God would find a place of activity in our midst.

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9 thoughts on “Activating the Angels”

  1. John, could you comment on the ‘sound’ in worship that draws the angelic to us. Firstly it’s the pure heart of worship that opens the portal – always! But I’m not sure if they(angels) move us to create the sound or if they respond to the sound that comes forth from our pure hearts. What has your experience been?
    God Bless you, worshiping warrior. VG

    • Good point Victoria. Worship is the atmosphere that angels thrive in. Heaven is literally saturated with the atmosphere of worship. The fasting and prayer helps bring our heart into an even greater pure expression and union with God making our worship that much more effective, as it really is one of our most powerful weapons. When pure worship is released in this earthly sphere then angels flock to the sound creating an environment for the miraculous.

      • Praise and worship is the means for releasing heaven on earth. If we make this our lifestyle we are going to live in God’s inexhaustible resources

  2. Thank you John, I received this word through the Elijah List and it has really blessed me. Over the past few months I have had this prophesied over my life and ministry a few times and have been asking the Lord more about what it means to have an angelic ministry. Over the past year I have become increasingly aware of ministering angels in operation and it is amazing to experience the Lord at work in this way.
    God Bless you, your wife and your ministry.

  3. This is a really great article. There is something that has always caught my attention in the verses about angels “ascending and descending”…they ‘ascend’ first. So, that means they are already on earth among us ministering…even if we don’t always recognize them as angels. They are sent to minister to everyone who will inherit salvation. So why then do they ‘ascend’? I believe they ascend to access the resources of Heaven in direct response to our prayers and decrees on earth. They then descend carrying the answers to their spoken destination. Just some thoughts…maybe it’s time to pay more attention to the angelic presence and purpose in our lives.

  4. Thank you very much. God bless you mightily,,abundantly, and may He continue to give you more revelations and deeper insight into the spiritual, in the Name of Jesus Christ

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