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It’s Time for Your Miracle

Activating Faith to Receive God’s Promises

God wants you to experience the miraculous! Regardless of your struggle, God is willing and able to heal your body, supply your needs, and restore your relationships.

It’s Time for Your Miracle provides you the keys to:

Access physical healing and freedom from addiction.

Break through into financial provision.

Encounter the reality of everything Jesus paid for on the cross.

And give you practical ways to unlock true transformation in your life.

This book illuminates the common roadblocks that keep you from receiving the totality of God’s promises. Written in practical and to-the-point style, and filled with real-life testimonies from those who experienced God’s power, you will come away with everything you need to believe for the manifestation of your miracle.

It's Time For Your Miracle Book

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Brandi’s Official Bio

Brandi Belt is a highly esteemed and distinguished Christian leader, speaker, minister, and author. Miracles follow Brandi everywhere she goes and have taken her from television to boardrooms to stages around the world. 

Among the events that encompass her ministry, Brandi has witnessed everything from backs and shoulders being totally healed, to the creation of major organs. God’s ability to open deaf ears, bring vision to the blind, heal nerve damage, cancer and diabetes, remove metal from bodies and restore circulation follow her ministry everywhere she goes. From witnessing an abundance of financial miracles, to the resurrection of the dead, Brandi has seen firsthand the work and love of God for the people He brings to her. 

From planting three churches nationally, to teachings that reach tens of thousands of people, every stage of Brandi’s life and ministry fosters faith for the impossible. Her speaking and ministry events have extended globally to reach multiple continents, and her mission work has touched hearts around the world. 

She has shared the stage with Patricia King, James W. Goll, Dr. Clarice Fluitt, Mahesh Chavda, Jane Hamon, Bob Jones, Joan Hunter, Tony Kemp, Jamie Lyn Wallnau, Matt Sorger and a host of others.

Brandi and her husband, John, founded Overflow Global Ministries and reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with their two sons.