The Amazing Irresistible Jesus

I am the rose of Sharon,
And the lily of the valleys.

Song of Songs 2:1

Grabbing Hold & Hanging On

I recently had an encounter in a dream where I saw Jesus walking down a hall. A young teenage girl grabbed hold of Him at the waist from behind. She was all smiles completely infatuated and in love with Him because He was so irresistible. Jesus was just going aboutHis business in such a way that He was carrying her wherever He went. It was almost like it was just a normal thing. The father of the girl saw what was happening and could not understand, but took note that his daughter was completely hooked on Him. He could not blame Jesus because He was just being Who He was going about His business.

Fearless & Generous

The next thing I saw was Jesus on a street corner. He crossed over to another street corner where some rough-cut young to mid-aged men were hanging out, kind of the dangerous type. Jesus walked right up to them without any trepidation. One of them took a checkbook handing it to Jesus telling Him to sign the check. Jesus then responded saying, How much would you like? The man was caught off guard not expecting that response but rather one of intimidation and defense. He then sort of smiled saying, How bout $50,000 Then Jesus wrote the check for around $107,000. The young man was shocked and surprised.

Determined, Unrelenting & Powerful

The last thing I saw was Jesus again on the street corner. Suddenly there appeared an invisible 25 foot wall the He could see through but not penetrate. Jesus was putting His hands on it trying to push it out of the way. Not being successful, He was stirred to a holy indignation then with all His strength and energy took a huge leap over the wall landing right in front of me. His body had somewhat morphed supernaturally to achieve this feat then He was back to normal. At this point He walked over to this person who was clothed in a cloak who was standing by some kind of construct dedicated to false religion. Jesus again with indignation toppled the structure. When He did this person’s cloak came off then I heard a screeching scream as this person was delivered from their demons. I stood in awe of this breathtaking power that was just demonstrated.

In the first part of this encounter Jesus comes as the irresistible love of our souls. He is the Lilly of the Valley being irresistible to those who are desperate. Those who are desperate for the real Jesus were to grab hold of Him and not let go. He will carry them along effortlessly. All they have to do is lay hold of Him being completely infatuated with Who He is.

The second shows the fearless Jesus that has a heart that is totally full of generosity without finding fault. He blew the young man away with His extravagant goodness where He did not know what to do with it.

Lastly we see Jesus as the One who will never give up, will not be stopped, but will throw all of His resources and energy to overwhelm any hindrance and obstacle to see people free from darkness. Absolutely nothing can stop Him.

This is the Jesus we serve. I wanted to share this because it was so powerful. May God capture our hearts to grasp just how awesome He is. He is beyond our comprehension!

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