The Benefits Of Soaking Prayer

Prayer is a vital component of Christianity, and during the past several years, an activity referred to as soaking prayer has come into the spotlight in the spiritual community. Soaking prayer is another way of describing resting in the presence of God’s love and waiting to hear Him speak. The theory behind this type of meditation is that when an individual rests expectantly in the Lord’s presence, the Holy Spirit will hover over the individual, repair, and renew areas in his or her life. The playing of intimate and gentle worship music called soaking music–while participating in this type of prayer is said to help quiet the soul and lead one closer to the heart of God.

Benefits of Soaking Prayer

Many believe that through soaking prayer they will find themselves in an ideal place from which to express their love of God. It is different from prophetic prayer or intercession, and it is not similar to the prayer of petition, coming to God with one’s needs. Soaking prayer is the act of entering into God’s presence for the purpose of forming a stronger relationship with Him.

In addition, many who felt spiritually dry? prior to praying in this manner have found that soaking prayer revitalized their spirit. Numerous individuals have also stated that they are better able to hear God’s voice when they participate in this type of meditation.

Those whose lives are changing direction or who need courage to overcome obstacles have stated soaking prayer strengthened their faith and resolve. This type of prayer is especially helpful for those seeking answers to problems or who must deal with difficult situations in their daily life.

The 23rd Psalm Prayer

Soaking is considered by many in the Christian community as the Psalm 23 experience.  It is for this reason that much focus is placed on restoration by those participating in such meditation. Many individuals respond emotionally or physically as part of the restoration process. This may include crying or laughing, or even trembling as the Holy Spirit works in the person’s life. Many spiritual leaders agree that a vital key in bearing fruit as a Christian is through getting close to and abiding in the Lord and that this can be achieved through the experience of soaking prayer.

Experiencing Soaking Prayer With Music

Christians may wonder about how best to experience this type of prayer in order to receive its full benefit. Some spiritual leaders suggest lying down when praying, although most do not claim this is a necessity. The primary objective is to be in a relaxed and restful place so that the Lord can speak to the person’s spirit. Many individuals find this type of prayer even more beneficial if it is done while listening to the aforementioned soaking music.

The term soaking prayer music frequently refers to songs, which are used in prayer houses during contemplative prayer or at other spiritual fellowships or meetings. Essentially, it is a broad term that encompasses any type of music conducive to such gatherings, and its objective is to encourage individuals to set aside themselves and concentrate on God and the Holy Spirit for peace, strength and renewal. Often it is viewed by practitioners as a spiritual aid for those who are striving for a closer relationship with God. This genre of music typically contains meaningful words but is not driven by a fast beat or synthesized rhythms, but rather soft notes and chord progressions to revive and uplift instead of simply stimulating the physical senses.

Through this type of activity, God can be experienced in a variety of ways: a warm sensation, a weight upon one’s body, or even a tingling of the arms and legs. However, it is recommended that one not look for external signs, but rather keep his or her heart and mind engaged in a spiritual direction. Numerous individuals state that they feel immediate benefits upon praying in the aforementioned way, such as a fresh outlook on life, a renewed love of God and for their fellow man, and a lifting of burdens. Other times, the manifestation of long term change from the result of prayer is discovered later in the course of the person’s life. Everyone has different objectives with regard to their personal lives and those looking for spiritual help or support may wish to consider soaking prayer to assist them with achieving their goals.

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