Commitment, Servanthood & Revelation

John Belt
John Belt

Ruth 1:14″Then they lifted up their voices and wept again; and Orpah kissed her mother-in-law, but Ruth clung to her.
And she said, “Look, your sister-in-law has gone back to her people and to her gods; return after your sister-in-law.”

But Ruth said:
“Entreat me not to leave you,
Or to turn back from following after you;
For wherever you go, I will go;
And wherever you lodge, I will lodge;
Your people shall be my people,
And your God, my God.
Where you die, I will die,
And there will I be buried.
The Lord do so to me, and more also,
If anything but death parts you and me.”

God wants His people to have a spirit that is excellent in commitment. There are people who are only committed if they get what they want or get you to do what they want, “kissers”. They only have their own self-interest in mind. On the other hand, there are those who are committed at all costs that stay the path without compromise and without personal self-interest, “cleavers”. Orpah was a kisser where Ruth cleaved to Naomi. Lot was a kisser whose heart was in Sodom. He was a leach on Abraham’s life being a waste, consumer and distraction of his time. Even after Abraham rescued him and his family from the evil of Sodom, Lot returned to his vomit. His wife became a pillar of salt, and his daughters were lost into perversion of the worst kind. Religious people are not worth the time of day. Jesus said to leave them because they are blind guides and will attempt to take you off God’s path through manipulation and control. God is looking for an uncompromised people filled with His fire and devotion that don’t tolerate Jezebel or her children. It is in our commitment to God, being devoted in a life of worship as living sacrifices, that we lose our lives and find our lives in Him.
A Complete Circle

When we worship God, in our devotion time with Him, we are ministering to Him or serving Him. This is our highest call of all. When we minister to one another we are also ministering to Him, His Body. This is like the first and makes the circle complete.

Humility only flows out of our worship and obedience to Him. To be a humble person is to do what God tells you to do against the tide of what others think you should do, against the sin and spirit of this world and with the sole motivation of pleasing Him.

In each day we will have opportunities to serve. Take every opportunity, for the greatest will be the one who serves. God wants each of us to be great in His Kingdom. He wants us to serve in all things knowing that in everything we are serving Him.

Awakened to Revelation

Ephesians 1:17
“That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, 18 the eyes of your understanding* being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, 19 and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe.”

God wants us to be awakened to Him through the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Paul prayed that we would be filled with this so that we may have true knowledge of God. Information can only do so much. It only has value when God’s Spirit blows upon it. There needs to be a quickening within us that leads us into a lifestyle of worship. His Holy Spirit causes that to happen within us. it is the fire of revelation that moves our hearts into a place of genuine connection and thankfulness to God. When we discover
that connection that creates a circle of understanding, revelation and thanksgiving then we find ourselves in a perpetual state of communion with God that is all satisfying. All the things in this world cannot compare to the simple satisfaction that comes from communing with God. The things of this world will only serve to dull the spiritual senses to His reality tainting the perfect tapestry that God is desiring to weave into our lives.

Jesus lived a life that was completely dependent on the Holy Spirit. He had the Spirit of Revelation and Truth. He has given us of that same Spirit so that we may partake of and experience the fullness of His life in every day. The Lord fill you with a fully committed heart, the heart of a servant and the overflow of His revelation and understanding.

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